Futons are a great piece of furniture. During the day they work as an effective and comfortable couch. During the night they become a supportive bed ideal for a great night's rest. This dual role makes them fantastic space savers. However, choosing the right futon mattress is extremely important. Otherwise, you will have both an uncomfortable bed and couch. Thankfully, buying a comfortable futon mattress is a simple three step process. In this article, I will take you through these steps.

1. Choose the filling

What filling you choose will depend on how much you want to spend. Basically, the more expensive the filling the more comfortable the mattress will be. Cotton is cheap but will sag and develop lumps almost after every use. Foam is also inexpensive. However, it does have a tendency to absorb a person's body heat and this can make them hot. The most expensive mattresses are the inner spring variety. They are also the most comfortable and long lasting.

2. Choose the thickness

A thick mattress is a comfortable mattress. Therefore, if you will be using the futon as the main bed in your home or dorm then you should choose a 9 inch mattress. If you want a cheap mattress that will only get the occasional occupant then a 6 inch mattress will be best.

3. Choose the size

Futon mattresses come in three sizes - twin, double and queen. Twin should only be used for children or teenagers. A double futon mattress can fit a couple but it will be a tight squeeze. A queen mattress is the best for two people and will give most couples plenty of room. Just remember that the bigger the mattress the more heavy it will be. This can mean that the futon will be difficult to move or change from a bed to a couch. If you are a large or strong person this might not be a concern but more slight or older people may need some assistance when it comes time to move or change the futon.

As you can see, buying a futon mattress is a simple three step process. If you follow the steps of choosing the filling, thickness and size you will be pleasantly surprised to how quick and easy it really is. To continue research you can look at the many websites online that sell futon mattresses and offer you free advice on choosing one that suits your needs and home.