Affiliate Marketer Time Management Tactics

We all dream of time and money freedom. I imagine that is one of the biggest reasons many of us started our online business in the first place. The sad truth is though, that getting that time freedom, will take, well, time. As an affiliate marketer we will need to get to the point where we can implement automation and / or outsourcing and those often require money.

Many "newbies" simply don't have a big budget and can't afford to hire others to do their work for them. For those people it's imperative that they stream line their work load as much as possible.

Here are 3 simple tips you can use to stay focused and manage your time more effectively so you can build your affiliate marketing business more quickly and with less pain:

1. First and foremost, stay away from the social sites like Twitter and Facebook. More time is wasted on these sites than any other online activity (I don't really know that for sure, but I have my suspicions!). If you like to update your status and tweet, don't do it when you are supposed to be working.

Building an online business takes discipline, learning when you should go to these sites and when you should stay away from them is important.   The same can be said for forums. It's true you can learn a lot in forums but they can also be rather addictive. Schedule your "forum time" and only allow yourself to spend time in the forums after your important work is completed.

2. Another huge time waster is to go to check your email several times daily. Most of the time, checking your email in the a.m. and p.m. is often enough.

Another way to make sure you don't get too distracted by reading your email is to open an email account specifically for your business and don't give that email address out to anyone other than people who you do business with. That way, you simply won't get (and be tempted to watch) the hottest new YouTube video.

3. Take a week or two and keep close track of how much time you spend on all your individual tasks. Time yourself the next time you write a blog post, or do some keyword research. Write down your results and keep track of the average amount of time each of these tasks take.

By doing this you may find that you aren't actually spending as much time doing productive tasks for your business as you think you are. Many people who start keeping track of the time they work and writing it all down are shocked to find out just how much time gets wasted.

To get your affiliate marketing business to the point where you can actually be making good money and have a lot of time freedom as quickly as possible, you must first learn to effectively manage your time. These tips should help you stay on track and get where you really want to be sooner.