If you've got a partner who snores you know that it can be very annoying and virtually impossible to get a good nights sleep. In some cases, it can even be a sign of sleep apnea which can be dangerous if left untreated.

Snoring can do more than affect your mood (or the mood of your partner!) it can also help contribute to high blood pressure, swings in blood pressure and even heart disease.

For anyone who snores exceptionally loudly or has underlying health issues you should see your doctor.

To make sure you and your partner get a good nights sleep here are some stop snoring tips you can start using tonight:

1. First things first, if you are overweight, lose some weight. Many people who are over weight, especially men, will carry that extra weight around their neck. This weight can constrict your airways which can lead to snoring issues.

2. As weird as it may sound, things that are made to help you sleep can be part of the problem when it comes to snoring. Many medications such as sleeping pills can cause your airway muscles to become slack, which may cause snoring. Sleeping pills aren't the only medicines that can cause snoring, things such as muscle relaxants and sedatives can as well.

3. Many people think that a drink or two before bed can help them relax and sleep better. Not only will you likely snore more, you will also snore more loudly. Avoid drinking alcohol within a few hours of going to bed.

4. Try to get enough sleep. Again, I know this can sound kind of strange but if you are over tired you tend to snore more, not less. Not getting enough sleep, and the exhaustion it causes, are more things that can lead to slack airways and that can increase the odds that you will snore.

5. Elevating yourself up at night on a pillow or two can sometimes help alleviate snoring problems.  You don't have to be sitting straight up, but just a little incline might be all it takes. You may also want to sleep on your side more. Don't let gravity work against you by sleeping on your back and restricting your airways.

To allow you, and your partner, to start getting a good nights sleep, you can use these stop snoring ideas tonight. Just don't forget that sometimes snoring can lead to serious issues so if  you don't get any relief from these tips, you may want to see your doctor.