Quick Steps Anyone Can Use to Earn Cash Online In Hours

There are hundreds of methods for making quick cash online today.  You can read a book, learn a few tricks, and be making money through the Internet in a matter of hours.  What is important is to know where the money is flowing and how to get your share of it.  Consider for a moment, that many companies will pay you to send them leads, or to make sales for them.  You can become an affiliate marketer and do just that; but it takes a bit more than just becoming an affiliate of some merchant to earn money fast.  You need to know which merchant to use, and how to get sales quickly once you have become an affiliate. Let us cover these right now.

The three simple tips for making quick cash online are as follows:

1.  Choose A Merchant that Pays Instantly 

Now, you can go over to Clickbank and sign up as a free affiliate,  but even if you make money today, you will not be paid for two weeks.  So ClickBank is out of the question for now.  You need money fast.  Go over to Payzeno.com or rapbank.com and get a free account.  In fact, you may want to sign up at both places.  The reason for recommending these two merchants is because they will pay you your commission instantly!  As soon as you make a sale, you will get money in your PayPal account.  It goes without repeating here that you must have a Paypal account that will allow you to receive payments, so get one at PayPal.com if you do not have one yet.

2.  You Must Sell the Right Products that People want to Buy

You may like a product but it could turn out to be a dud.  The best way to find out if a product will sell, is to see if other affiliates are finding any success selling the same product.  Some merchants, like RapBank will offer a score which indicates how well a product is selling.  If you want to be making quick cash from this product, don’t waste time on losers.  Find a product that people are buying.

In addition to that, you can find a product that meets the basic human needs.  Here are a list of the problems people want to solve online.  Make sure your product falls into one of these categories:  Security, Power, Dating, Wealth, Happiness, Safety, health, recognition, and love.   Chances are, every popular product will fall into one of these categories.  Make sure yours does.

3.  Create a Landing Page and Use Paid Traffic

The landing page is important. If you don’t know that it is, or you do not do it well, hire someone at fiverr or zeerk to do one for you.  A landing page must grab attention. Don’t waste time trying to learn this just yet.  Your page must capture attention, and preferably offer something for free.  Don’t worry, your time for making quick cash is just around the corner.

Once you have a landing page that links to the affiliate product you want to sell, you now need traffic.  You can buy traffic from many places, but PPC traffic is one of the fastest ways to market.  You can be making sales in literally 30 minutes after your site is ready.  However, if you are new to PPC, then I do not recommend that you start with Google Adwords.  It is difficult to manage and could cost you a fortune. Instead check out  7Search, Yahoo, and MSN. 

These other PPC platforms are cheaper and not so crowded.  You will only be paying for each click to your advertisement, but you still want to make sure that they are quality clicks that could lead to making quick cash.  Set your cost per click low, and monitor your daily spends.  Pretty soon you will be making money.