People often ask how they can increase their Adsense earnings on their blog. Here a few steps you can take that can help to increase your Adsense earnings

Speed of Page

The speed of your website can play a vital role in how much you could potentially earn with Adsense. If you upload an image into your blog then make sure you have re4sized the image and compressed it. If your blog takes too long to load then a web surfer will simply hit the back button and move on to somebody else's blog or web page. It is very important that your blog loads quickly. If it loads slowly you will lose visitors and also potential clicks on your ads. It is very important to insure that your blog loads quickly.

Add Content

The number one thing you can do to increase your Adsense earnings on your blog is to write a lot of new content for your blog. If you can add a lot of new content consistently then you will begin to get more visitors to your blog from search engines, primarily Google. The more visitors than the more you will earn with Google Adsense.

If you are averaging say $10.00 in earnings per 1,000 pageviews then you can make a long-term goal of getting to your target earnings range. If you want to earn $900 a month with your blog then you know that you will need to get approximately 3,000 pageviews per day on your blog.

You can work towards this long term goal by hitting mini goals. Work towards achieving 50 pageviews per day, and then 100, then 250, and then keep building up your traffic until you reach your goal of 3,000 pageviews per day.

Don't try to use gimmicks to trick people into visiting your blog, simply add content. The more content you write for your blog then the more traffic you will receive. Instead of looking for the latest and greatest eBook on how to make a lot of money with your blog, simply write new content and blog posts. Your time will be much better spent by writing new content and blog posts and you will begin to earn more money with Adsense. The more content you add the better it is for your earnings. If you consistently add new content to your blog daily you will see the number of visitors you have also increasing.

If you have 500 posts on your blog you are bound to get a lot more traffic then you would if you only have 10 posts. Write a lot of posts for your blog and you will see your traffic increase. The more blog content you post the more traffic you will receive.

Interesting Content

A lot of content is vitally important, but so is the subject of your content. If you post a lot of content on your blogs AND make it interesting for your readers then they will bookmark your site and return. The more return visitors combined with all of the visitors from the Search Engines mean your Adsense ads will be showed a lot more often and you will get more clicks. The more clicks you get means more money, so start today and write more for your blog, make it interesting, and insure that your blog loads quickly and you can begin to earn more money with Adsense on your blog.