Did you know that Google, Bing, and Yahoo search Engines ignores web pages that has copied content? You found this article, because you want to know how to increase your website's traffic. Writing quality articles, to generate more traffic to your website is not easy, but is effective  if done correctly. After all, quality content is King.
Below are three simple Tips that will help you write good articles, that both search Engines and web users love.
Write  Quality Content

googleGoogle recently published a guide, that expressed the need for well optimized web pages. Google expects, that  each of your published articles be of high quality, and offer helpful information to the end-user. To attract Google and human visitors, you need good content. It is as simple as that. Your success as a writer depends on your ability to please your audiences.

You should focus all your attention on writing content that will engage your readers. If you are patient enough to write quality content, your article's visibility will significantly increase, and your readers will gladly share your post with their friends.

 Write Distinctively Unique Content

Writing distinctively unique content is important for your success. Make your articles stand out, make it unique, take a different approach and distinguish yourself from the crowd. Distinguishing yourself requires you to create entirely unique content, which I must admit is difficult. Almost every subject you can think about has been extensively covered by other writers online.

The sensible solution requires you to take a different approach. Look at the topic from a different perspective, add your knowledge and personality to the subject. Rather than just writing an article about, "How To Write Unique Content " you should write instead, "Ten Sure Ways Your Blog Will Fail." It is advisable that you write each article with your targeted audiences in mind. Use precise, compelling words, in brief sentences, do this correctly, and you are well on your way toward achieving your goals.

Write Content That Offer Unique Value

Google Love Unique ContentYour article should offer unique value to the end-user. To achieve unique value, make your article's content relevant to each reader. You must understand the needs of your targeted readers. If you can't interpret the demands of your audiences, you won't please them. Investigate the queries of the people you want to reach. Find out what these people are looking for then, offer the solution in your article. Social media are good place to start so, use it to your advantage.

 Take a closer look at the conversations on Facebook and Twitter, you will see that people are sharing with each other what they consider as good content. Most people recognized good content when they see it. Hence, it is important that you pay keen attention to social media discussions. Don't just write an article, but create easy flowing content that grabs and engage your reader's attention.
If your article is promoting a product or service you should avoid promotional sales pitch. Concentrate on creating value in your content. Focus on building healthy relationships with your readers. A satisfied reader will naturally recommend your work to others so, focus your effort on creating value for the reader.