The holidays are fast approaching and this indicates that a series of gatherings and house visits by friends, relatives and loved ones are soon to take place inside your home.  Where else do we charm them and keep them entertained but in the premise of our living room?

There are many ways to re-create your living room to embody this Yuletide season.  However, most of us want fuss-free preparations that don’t take up too much of our time.  For those looking for effortless ways to dress up their lounge, check out these few pointers.

Go for Gold or something metallic

It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Simply change the covers of the pillows in your sofa into something metallic and you’re good to go.

You can also opt to put a sparkly cloth over your living room table or tie fabric into ribbons on the seats in your living room.  Use satin with deep color.

Also, hang shiny decors dispersedly on the wall or on the ceiling.  You may cut high-gloss metallic paper into snowflakes and stars.  For those who want to forgo the school prom feel, just buy Christmas decors such as Christmas bells, balls, wreaths and ribbons.Christmas Living RoomCredit:

Changing covers could take you only 15 minutes while hanging decors could take you 30.  Take care that you don’t overdo it.  You’d hate to have your guests’ eyes glazed from too much shiny, shimmery trinkets they can’t help but gaze at.

Put Things in Order

The DVDs in the DVD rack.  All the magazines in one place.  The kids’ toys in their play chest.

Even if you only have a towering Christmas tree on your living room, or a simple one on top of your living room table, an uncluttered living room will be a relaxing area to mingle with.  Coming in from the flurry of busyness, it would be a welcome sight to look at a room where the items are in their proper places.

The key here is what our moms used to tell us.  “Put it back where it belongs as soon as you’re done with it”.

One you do that, you wouldn’t go scrambling for order when your guests start to arrive.

Keep it Scented

Now, this is kinda’ tricky.  Not all of us have the same preference for a fragrance.  Also, our house, just like us, has its own distinct smell produced by the people and animals living in it, detergents and disinfectants you use to clean your area and even the ingredients and food you regularly take in.CandleCredit:

Try to tone down the particular scent of your living room using charcoal.  You can put some charcoal on small containers and disperse it in several areas of your lounge.  Be creative on how you do this.

Try to choose Christmas or Thanksgiving food scents such as apple, cinnamon, pumpkin or caramel.  These aromas could incite tender feelings among those who smell it.

Keeping your lounge scented is as easy as lighting an aromatic candle or spritzing a can of room perfume or opening a fragrance gel.  It would take you only a minute to do it and about ten minutes before you can inhale the wonderful Christmas-y odor.  But your senses will tell you that it is worth it.

These are three very simple guidelines on how to get your living room ready for socializing this holiday season.  The choice of taking these up a notch is up to you.  Just remember that most likely (uh, hopefully?) your guests will stop by your place, not to see your living room, but to see you.