How to Make Your Hobbies and Interests Pay

Generating a full-time income from your hobbies or interests might be difficult, but earning some extra cash by doing what you love might be easier than you think. Below are three easy, free ways you can start earning cash (right now) through your hobbies and interests.

1. Blog

Go to, sign up for a free blog, and start writing about your hobby or interest. For instance, if you are really into kayaking, start a blog about it. Write about kayaking, review kayaks, post pictures, etc. Once people start reading your blog, you have the chance to make some money. How? Sign up with Google Adsense and get paid each time a visitor clicks on the links that Google will place on your page. You can also sign up with Amazon Affiliates (depending on where you live). You can place Amazon products on your page, and if someone buys the product through the link you’ve provided, you will get paid a small commission.

A few tips about blogging
               -Get your blog noticed. Read up on backlinking and try to post to relevant forums and blogs and leave your blog url in your signature.
               -Pay attention to keywords. If you are writing about kayaks, for example, make sure you include the words you want people to find you by.
               -Try to be as specific as possible. For example, it’s fine to blog about kayaks, but it might be better to blog about Perception kayaks, or kayak fishing, or kayak paddles. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to be found because you will have less competition.

2. Write for InfoBarrel

Sign up for a free account with InfoBarrel and start writing about what you love. As with blogging, make sure you choose the right keywords and try to get your articles noticed. Sign up with Google Adsense or Amazon and start generating some cash for your articles.

3. Write an eBook

You don’t have to be accepted by a publisher in New York City to write a book nowadays. Write and publish an eBook and sell it through Click Bank or market it on your own blog or in your articles.

These are just a  few ways you can immediately start earning some money by writing about your hobbies and interests. These are not get-rich-quick schemes though. You might only earn a few cents at first, but stick with it, do your research, and you will see results.