How to Make More Money with Smartphone Apps

Nowadays, smartphones are seemingly found everywhere and on every person. Many are unaware of their smartphone’s capabilities and what it can do for them. Instead of working for your smartphone and paying more for it, make your smartphone work for you. There are three simple apps which will make you more money by using your smartphone by taking pictures to completing surveys to auditing a store’s product. In doing this, you will not only lower your cell phone bill ( by these apps paying you) but will give you much needed additional income in these financially trying times. Read below and learn how to make more money by using these free, incredible apps below.

Field Agent

Field Agent App(115513)
Credit: photograph taken by Jonathon Jones using an Apple iPhone 4s.

This free app helps you make more money with your smartphone by auditing products and how well those products are displayed in a store. By far this is one of the better money making apps out there. This app is fairly straightforward in how it works. Simply download the app and sign up with Field Agent. You will be asked information about your age, location in the world and which products you use. This information is used to tailor jobs to your interests or ones that are near you.

 After signing up with Field Agent and opening the app, you will see which jobs are available to you and the expected payout for each job. Jobs pay as little as $1.50 to as high as $21.50. When you find a job that appeals to you, read the instructions and accept the job. Once you have accepted the job, you are given a time limit in which you can accomplish the job, which is typically 2 hours. Next, travel to the location, look for the product in the store with which Field Agent has tasked you, take a clear picture of the product or display, answer some questions regarding the product such as its availability, location in store, or how well it is displayed.

When you have completed all the steps of the job, upload the gathered data to Field Agent.  The completed job will be put in a queue for approval to verify that all the steps associated with the job were completed accurately and accordingly. After the job has been approved, money for that job is put into your Field Agent account. Money from your Field Agent account can then be requested to be withdrawn and deposited in your PayPal account.

The items needed to get this app to work are an iPhone, a valid email address and a PayPal account.


Foap App For iPhone
Credit: photograph taken by Jonathon Jones using an Apple iPhone 4s

Foap is a free app that pays you for photographs to which you own the rights taken from your iPhone. Every photograph is tagged by the end user with keywords to describe what is in the photograph. The photograph then goes through an approval process by the Foap team and then is put into a commercial or editorial pool for companies to purchase and pull from.

Additionally, there is a missions section where you will be tasked to take certain types or styles of photographs that a specific company is looking for.

Every uploaded and approved photograph is priced at $10 dollars. When the photograph sells, Foap takes $5 dollars and pays you $5.

What is really good about this app is that every photograph you upload can be sold over and over again, netting you $5 dollars each time. That can really add-up and is residual income, working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funds requested before the 15th of the month, will be paid to the user at the end of that same month. Money requested after the 15th of the month will be paid to the user at the end of the next month.

The Items needed to make this app work is a PayPal account, a valid email address and an iPhone. Start making more money with your smartphone today by downloading this app.


Gigwalk App
Credit: photograph taken by Jonathon Jones using an Apple iPhone 4s

Gigwalk is another free app that pays you, albeit, at this time it is limited to certain areas of the world. However, for the gigs or jobs that Gigwalk offers, some pay well upwards of $50 or more.

As a Gigwalk “employee”, you accept the job that is geographically available. A couple of days are allowed to complete each accepted job. Jobs range from taking pictures of a restaurant’s menus to visiting a car dealership to rate their customer service. Jobs completed with high quality will rate the Gigwalker higher on a scale, thus giving them first pick of higher paying jobs.

A valid email address, PayPal account and a smartphone (iPhone or Android) is needed to make this app work for you.

Make More Money Now

Understand this is not a comprehensive list of apps that pay. There are probably more apps out there that pay, but may not be as reliable or prestigious. The three aforementioned apps are listed here because they are proven to pay real money for real jobs. Keep in mind that it is best to do these tasks during the course of your day rather than going out of your way or spending time or money doing them. The goal here is to make you money, not spend it. Millionaires are made by being financially frugal. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.