3 Simple Halloween Costume Tips!

So Halloween is right around the corner and once again you have forgotten to plan your costume. Don't worry, you are not alone. This basically sums up every late October for me, but after years of being unprepared for Halloween, I have become somewhat of an expert in last-minute costume design.

First we must eliminate online shopping. Despite the huge selection and great prices, we have waited too long. This is no longer an option for you. Instead you must focus your energy on putting together a costume from articles of clothing you already own or make purchases at local stores.

There are 3 obvious places to start putting your costume together when you are in a hurry.

1. Your own residence

2. Local second-hand store

3. Local Halloween store

Now We Rummage!

If you have old clothes packed away, this is the first place you want to start. Why? Because you never know what you may find. Often, old overlooked clothes can be good for a laugh or a scare. Don't pretend you never wore anything embarrassing, lying isn't nice!

If your clothes are packed away, chances are you are not going to where them again. Unless they are something you could re-sale for a  decent amount, it probably won't be that big of a deal if you need to make alterations to your costume. By alterations I mean, shred, rip, and stain. Honestly, most zombies look like their clothes are slightly worn.

Hit The Streets!

Not only do many second-hand stores often have racks specifically designated for Halloween costumes, they also have tons of clothes that can be matched together to make a great costume for Halloween.

This year, like most, my costume was purchased from a second-hand store. I purchased a suit jacket, slacks and a sweater vest for about $6. To be clear, I am going to a zombie party. A bit of fake blood and a roll in the dirt and I will be ready to go.

Find Your Local Halloween Store!

If you don't already know where your local Halloween costume store is, a quick Google search can take care of that problem. Once you find it head on over.

Be careful for highly overpriced costumes. Sometimes the prices these stores charge can be fairly ridiculous. Instead of buying a completely pre-maid costume, you can just pick up a few accessories that you can piece together with your own clothes or second-hand clothes. Doing this can end up saving you some real bucks!

Well get out there and get your costume! Remember be safe and have a great holiday!