If you have arrived onto this page, you are probably very interested in the world of eBooks and eBook readers. While the term Sony Kindle may be somewhat misleading (because the Kindle is produced by Amazon, not Sony), the term "Kindle" has come to represent tablet computers and e-readers in a very broad and sweeping sense. For the sake of this article then, the Sony Kindle will be a term used to refer to Sony's various lines of tablet computers and eBook readers. In this article I will be highlighting the 3 best Sony eReaders and tablet computers currently available (as of January 2012). While Sony is not particularly well known for these products (they are more popular for the Playstation 3 and their brand of televisions), these products are excellent overall and are very competitive to other major contenders on the market like the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Apple iPad 2. If there is a Sony eBook reader or tablet computer that I missed, leave a comment at the end of this article!

Best Sony Kindle Readers Available for Sale  

Sony PRS-T1 eReader

If you are looking for a "Sony Kindle," then easily the best eReader you can purchase by Sony is the PRS-T1. This is an inexpensive, albeit stripped down e-book reader. It consists of all the basic features you would expect from an e-reader, such as the ability to read e-books, access to online stores (where you can download public domain books for free, as well as purchase new books), and a compact size that is great for carrying around with you wherever you go. One of the more interesting aspects of the Sony PRS-T1 that is unique to the Sony brand is the ability to virtually "borrow" books from your local libraries. These add to the free reading you will certainly have, and upon purchasing one of these devices; you will find your payments for books to quickly decline as you become addicted to your new entertainment device.

Sony Touch eReader

If you are in the market for an e-book reader, but want something with a little bit more technological advancement; then be sure to check out the Sony Touch. In short, the Sony Touch is very similar to the previously mentioned PRS-T1. It has very similar functionality, such as access to online stores to download a variety of e-books. You can also play MP3 music and listen while you read. The major difference between this product and the PRS-T1 is the "touch" aspect. You can now swipe your finger across the screen to simulate the act of turning book pages. This is a highly rated ebook reader, but you should keep in mind the price when considering the many ereaders and tablet computers available on the market. On the whole, the Sony Touch eReader is good, but it could be better for sure. For most people, I do believe the next product will be much more appealing both in terms of price, as well as functionality.

Sony Tablet S tablet computer

For those in need of a tablet computer (as opposed to just a standard ebook reader), then the Sony Tablet S may just be the product for you. This tablet computer is created to be a staunch competitor when compared with other big name tablet computers such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad. As such, much of the functionality is very similar. For example, you will have access to all varieties of entertainment (video games, movies, television, eBooks, internet, and so forth). Of special note are the games which have been designed specifically for this product, and the graphics which are comparable to Sony's Playstation video game consoles. Also contained within this tablet computer is access to the Android application market, which provides so much content; both of the free and paid varieties. The entertainment options are quite literally endless.

Unlike most e-readers available, the Sony Tablet S also provides a lot of unique functionality. For example, you can set up this tablet computer to function as a universal remote control for devices all over your house. Many reviewers (both professionals and non-professionals) have hailed it's ergonomic design, and consider it to be one of the more comfortable tablet computers available. With all the functionality rivalling and at times surpassing rival tablet computers, if you are in the market for a tablet computer, be sure to check out the Sony Tablet S tablet computer.

These are just three of the Sony Kindle products currently available, and most importantly they are the highest rated as well. My personal recommendation is the last product on this list, the Sony Tablet S due to it's great price and competitive functionality with other major tablet computers and ereaders.