Leather Sofas

Everyone wants to be loved and to take care about someone else, that's why we have pets. They are adorable and bring us a lot of joy, but sometimes trouble too. It is awful when you see stain on your favorite leather sofa. Not to mention the pure pain if you encounter an ink spot. Don't worry this article is all bout dealing with tough stains. There are also tips on how to remove cigarette smell from the leather sofa upholstery.

How to Deal With Pet Urine Stains

There are too many recipes all over the Internet and you can't be sure which one will do the trick and remove the stain as well as the odour. I never had a pet so I can't guarantee about the result, but here are the most common recipes I found. Some people use a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar, but I'm not quite sure about this, because vinegar is acid and baking soda is alkaline. From chemistry you should know that they neutralize one another, but people say it works so. 

Here is one I think would work, you'll need hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish-washing soap. Mix all the ingredients and apply directly to the effected areas. Wait about half an hour and wipe with dry clean cloth. Some use the thick foam of liquid soap and water rubbed onto the stain with a sponge. You have to be careful not to over wet the surface, because mold can form. Many people prefer using castile soap, which is made from olive oil and sodium hydroxide. Use as regular soap.

Solution To Remove Smoke Smell

A non-smoker will understand what I mean, it is very specific scent, which combined with the natural scent of leather is a bad combination. If course your sofa can smell even if you don't smoke, but have a fireplace. The scent is soaked in the entire room and as time pases becomes unbearable. Here is a solution for the smelly problem. You'll need some saddle soap, washing soda, and some lemon juice. First vacuum the entire sofa and wipe with damp cloth. 

Make sure the leather is completely dry and with circular motion apply the saddle soap. Step two is neutralizing the scent with washing soda. Generously sprinkle and vacuum the next day. Now for the finish, mix water and lemon juice in one to one proportion. Pray on a cloth until it's damp and wipe the surface. Remember you can always contact a professional cleaning company to help you. 

How To Eliminate Ink Stains

Sometimes we put a pen at our pocket and during the busy day at the office completely forget about it. We go back home totally tired and lay on the couch, making a good stain. There are four things commonly used to deal with this unpleasant situation – hair spray, nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. The method is the same, the difference is in the ingredients, you apply the selected one on a towel or rag and wipe the area and repeat until the stain is removed.