Double your conversion rates by forming a relationship with prospects.
Credit: Image courtesy of Masterful Marketing

It’s very rare that a visitor lands on your website and instantly makes a purchase. It is much more likely that the person finds you, subscribes to your list, follows you on one or more social networks and builds a relationship with you first. Once they feel that you are credible and they can trust you, this is when a lead tends to turn into a paying customer. Follow these three steps to nurture the prospects you have and you can double your conversion rates.

Set Proper Expectations Upfront

The first thing you want to do is set proper expectations with your prospects right away. Whether it is part of the subscription form a follow-up email that goes out, tell your subscribers what they can expect as a member of your list. Tell them what types of communication they can expect from you and how often you will be communicating with them.

As a sub-step, whatever expectations you set, make sure you follow through to keep up your end of the deal.

Make it Personal

To you, the subscribers on your list are a group or a segment. Nobody wants to feel like they are just another number on your list, however. For this reason, you want to personalize your communications with the subscribers as much as possible. Rather than just send out a blanket email with a coupon, use your database management software or email marketing system to personalize the emails with the subscriber’s name.

According to Amazon, click thru rates are two to three times higher when emails are personalized. Additionally, conversion rates double when personalized over sending mass emails. 

Customize Automation

Finally, you want to take your automation and customization process to the next level. Most database and email marketing programs allow you to set up automated emails according to customer behavior. For example, you can send a thank you email to follow-up with someone who has just made a purchase. In the follow-up email, you can include the person’s name and the product or service they purchased, using merge fields, so that your system is still automated, but customized at the same time. 

Converting prospects into customers is a lot like dating. Prospects don’t tend to fall in love with you on the first date. They want to be courted and wooed. Once you win them over, they’ll be loyal for life.