Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Although we love having several pairs in our closets, organizing these can be an outright nightmare. In fact, it is quite common to see a jumbled up mess of flip flops, dress shoes, rubber soles, platforms and other footwear on the floors of our closets.

Not only is this a safety hazard, but going through a pile of shoes just to match one pair can be irritatingly time consuming. If you would rather not face a hassle like this on a daily basis, here are a few easy shoe closet organization tips.

Step 1 - Throw them all out! Don't panic just yet, but you would need to see just how much closet space you can afford. So you need to get every shoe out of the closet for the time being. Have a friend or the rest of your family pitch in by actually matching pairs and lining them neatly in a row.

This is also the perfect time to decide which shoes are most likely never to get back inside the closet (you can donate these to goodwill, or if the shoes are beyond repair, then these should go to the trash bin.)

Step 2 - Decide which shoes are seldom worn and which ones get the most daily mileage. Dress shoes are most likely to be part of the former while rubber shoes and flats go with the latter. Now sort out the seldom worn shoes according to shoe type.

Boots and heels would need taller storage areas as compared to pumps and men's dress shoes. Try to place the boots and the taller heeled shoes off to the sides of the closet, which will give you an unobstructed view of the rest of the shoes in between them.

You can also store these in the harder-to-reach parts of the shoe closet like the overhead closet shelves (if your shoe closet has them) but try to make sure that the pairs still remain visible. As for the often worn shoes, you can ditch all shoe closet organization by simply putting up a shoe rack and placing the pairs within easy reach.

Step 3 - Try to buy wall organizers specifically for the flats, slip-ons, flip flops, and other thinly soled shoes. Very often, these are the types of footwear that literally get lost within the jumble.

Hanging them up on wall mounted shoe closet organization cubbies or slits will not only free a lot of space, but will also make grabbing and storing a pair easier to handle and will make closet organizing a whole lot simpler.