So how can you change the way you feel instantly?

This is a technique that I learned listening to an audiobook while working at the library!

To change the way you feel instantly, you need to only change 3 things.

  • Your Focus
  • Your Physiology (the way you move)
  • Your Language (what you ask yourself)

You don't need to change all 3 to change the way you feel instantly, but if you do change all 3, then you will definitely change your emotions. So let me break it down...

Changing your focus

When you're mad or angry or upset, it's because you are focusing on something negative. For example...

  • Why did this person do this to me
  • Why did this have to happen to me
  • How come he is always looking at me like that

If you focus on those negative things, then of course your going to get mad. To change that, just change your focus
Whatever you focus on you will feel. Focus equals reality to the individual, even though its not reality in actuality!


Changing your physiology (or the way you move)

Emotions are created by motions. In fact, the word emotions, comes from the word motion.
Whatever your feeling right now is directly related to how your using your body right now!
I heard about a project they did at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT, where they studied clinically depressed people to see if they can help them using no drugs or anything. What they wanted to do was to have them try a simple technique that it probably sounded stupid to them at first...

So what did they ask them to do? They asked them to just stare in the mirror and smile from ear to ear for 15 - 30 minutes or more. Sounds crazy, I know, but that's what they did, and you know what happened? After a week or 2, not a single person in the control group felt depressed anymore. Even the lady who said that she was depressed while she was sleeping! This my friends, is one example of the power of changing your physiology.

When you picture a sad person,

  • where are they looking?   Down.
  • Are their shoulders up or down?   Down.
  • Do they have good posture?   No.

So to get out of that feeling and emotion, you have to do different motions. Try doing fun joyful movements instead! High Fiving, jump up and down like a kid, dance. That's why exercising is important! Dance plus music will change all 3 things.

Sad physiology!

A sad physiology will definately make you feel sad!

Sad Posture

A happy physiology

Happy Physiology

The language you use

What is thinking? Thinking is asking yourself questions.
Lets use one of the examples questions that people sometimes ask themselves from the top.

  • Why did this person do that to me

    If you ask yourself this question, of course you're going to get a negative answer. Because your asking yourself the wrong question. Whatever you ask, your brain will find an answer. So when you ask, Why did this person do that to me? Your brain will tell you, because he's an evil man, or he wants to take advantage of me, or something like that.
    What you want to do, is ask yourself better, more empowering questions such as...

    Instead of, why did this person do that to me?
    Change it to, what can I do to prevent this from happening next time?
    Or ask, what could be the reason why he is acting like that?
    Is there possibly something going on with his family that has caused him to act like that?
    Asking these questions instead will bring out better answers like maybe he's going through some problems right now that I don't even know about, and I misinterpreted him acting like that, to something more personal between him and I.

    So ask yourself better questions to receive better answers, which will also change your focus!

    Hope you enjoyed the article : )