Engagement bands are essential symbols of a couple's genuine love for one another, and there is practically nothing that is more symbolical than 3 stone engagement rings that represent the various stages of a loving relationship. 3 stone engagement rings are mainly bands which have three corresponding gemstones. They are also known as trinity or trilogy rings because the three gems or diamonds differentiate the past, present, and future of a couple's relationship. They are purposely designed for couples who are about to get married. Read on to find out more about this extremely precious jewelry. -Protected by Copyscape- (32055)

The Importance of 3 Stone Engagement Rings

It is vital for you to know the importance of 3 stone engagement rings so you will fully understand their worth. Be it a wedding, anniversary, or engagement band, 3 stone engagement rings are the most ideal preference for the feeling you intend to convey. 3 stone engagement rings or eternity bands signify your lives as one and a sign of your enduring love for one another. Bands like these consist of three gemstones, with the middle one as the most significant followed by the additional two gemstones. It is never uncommon to have these 3 stone engagement rings customized; in fact, there are some couples who opt to design their rings on their own with the guidance of a jewelry maker to give them the opportunity to have a ring that is more exceptional.

You may probably ask yourself why choose 3 stone engagement rings instead of the others. Well, there are three reasons why they are more preferable:

1. A lot of couples go for 3 stone engagement rings because of their splendid beauty. In case you are considering a band like this, it is recommended that you pick out three gems based on their cut or if not, their setting. You will find several eye-catching choices around for a diamond cut. Emerald cut, princess cut, round cut, etc. are just a few of the popular cuts available. Then there are unique and special shapes for a diamond such as oval, triangle, radiant, heart, marquis, and cushion for bands that have three gemstones. Such forms will be created to precise patterns.

2. 3 stone engagement rings offer you the "made to order" option. They are crafted in any shape, size, and with gems or diamonds of specific weight, depending on your budget.

3. 3 stone engagement rings indicate a couple's never-ending love – 3 it is really a special number – full of significance – that assures an equilibrate and durable state of facts.

The traditional style has three spherical shining gemstones with identical dimensions and usually includes a setting that has 4 claws. The rings can either be white gold, yellow gold, or a mixture of both. Moreover, the rings' interiors can be etched with words Past, Present, and Future. However, there is no need for you to stick to the traditional style as there are a wide range of styles to choose from.

Ultimately, what matters the most is the importance of 3 stone engagement rings regardless of the design, and that particular importance is what makes this type of ring among the most well-known bands available. They will be an everlasting piece of exquisiteness at all times, and gazing at them will remind you of the vow which both of you have made for one another.

Popular 3 Stone Engagement Rings

Rose cut diamond – Sphere-shaped diamonds are extremely popular for engaged couples, and picking out rose cut diamonds offers the ring a look that is truly classic. Also, you can have the gems reset into a ring that has three gemstones with outstanding cuts from an inherited engagement band.

Micro pave ring – This band offers an additional look to 3 stone engagement rings. The gem in the middle is really small and does not overlap the ring immensely, not to mention that it adds a sparkling elegance to the gem itself.

Colored diamonds – Add a stream of daring colors to your 3 stone engagement rings with colored diamonds. Gems that are yellow, pink, and blue in color are the most desired hues by the engaged couples. The largest gem can be the only colored one, or each of them is colored, depending on your preference.

Black diamond – A black diamond is an amazing option for 3 stone engagement rings, although it will look more wonderful when put into an elaborate Celtic band along with scrollwork or a gothic band.

Halo setting – A setting of this type is where the middle gemstone is surrounded with a loop of really tiny gemstones. If you wish to add more sparks to your ring or obtain the trick of larger gems, then you can include the halo setting to your three gemstones.

Open band – Go for a split shank band if you want to balance the heaviness of your three big gemstones. The pave gems alongside the ring's surfaces provide a more stunning and dazzling appearance.

Curved band – A curved band offers a unique and distinctive appearance to 3 stone engagement rings; however, it might not be your best option since it does not easily go with a wedding or engagement band for an all-inclusive set. Nevertheless, it could be excellent for a promise or anniversary ring.

Emerald gem – Bands that have three gems in several diamond shapes are obtainable like asscher cuts, ovals, emerald cuts, princess gemstones, and marquise diamonds.

Women who are engaged will surely be impressed with the worth or importance of a ring with three gems attached to it, particularly your bride-to-be is aware of the special meaning of each gem included. Furthermore, you can complement the ring with jewelry like a necklace and an earring that has three gems as well. Couples have a history together which brought them to an inspiring present and plan their unified future. 3 stone engagement rings are a great representation of the three chapters of a relationship and an elegant substitute to the conventional ones.

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