Safety and Style

When the word safety and transportation are in the same sentence it is easy to imagine a bike rider with an ugly helmet. It is safe to say that style and safety often run contrary to one another. Fortunately, the automotive industry has stepped up and began offering aftermarket safety options that both improve looks and improve safety.


Lights(72491)Credit: Rob BrewerNo one would argue that headlights are important when driving. Headlights are often the only form of illumination on the road. Headlights are now available not just as a safety accessory but also as a stylish add-on.

Aftermarket headlights often have a great advantage over stock lights in the form of brightness. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to go as far as to advertise the brightness of their products. Lights are now available in different colors. 

As each car has two sets of lights, regular and bright, it is possible to place a stylish colored light in the regular place, and a brighter type in the bright place. This can both improve your safety and style of your automobile simultaneously.

Seat Belts

Seat BeltCredit: Daniel SchwenThe mighty seat belt has saved more lives than any other invention for the car. Many people are unaware that seat belts are replaceable. Perhaps even more impressively aftermarket belts are available in a myriad of colors. While all seatbelts follow the same standard, belts that are not stock are available in contrasting colors. So feel free to mix and match to find a great combination that sets off the colors and provides for a safe ride.

Floor Mats

Floor Mats(72492)Credit: Christopher ZiemnowiczThe floor mat is perhaps the most overlooked piece of safety equipment in a car. Most manufacturers have a bad habit of providing tiny cheap floor mats with new cars. Fortunately a whole array of options are available that can make your vehicle styling and safe.

Small floor mats run the simple risk of becoming bunched up. In a worst case scenario this occurs underneath a pedal. This is why floor mats purchased from auto stores are larger  than those provided by the manufacturers. Additionally, a pair of floor mats that are store-bought consist of a much thicker, stain-resistant material. These designs are available with all sorts of patterns as well. Flowers and geometric designs are common. If that isn't enough than there is an added benefit in the form that heavy synthetic  mats are quite easy to clean compared to fabric.

A quality set of floor mats will never interfere with your breaking as well as looking better and being easy to clean.