Who are the Top Three Super Heroes and the two Super Anti-Heroes?

Well, before I reveal my opinion on that then let us take a closer look at the Comics and Superhero genre.
Comics and superheroes have been admired for more than 80 years. Today Super Heroes are more popular than ever. The debut of the superheroes are often related to several comic books which were published in the 1930s, but today this genre is much more than printed comic books.

The main characters in many movies and TV-serials are superheroes with superhuman powers, helping the police in the fight against crime.
While the possession of super human powers is one of the most popular elements of the superhero adventures, then it isn’t an absolute requirement. Of the top 3 superheroes, only Superman and SpiderMan have superpowers. Batnan, as a billionaire, is able to to outperform the criminals by means of highly advanced technology.
However, one thing that is very common for all superheroes is the protected identity. Most often the superhero wears a mask or even a very specialized outfit.

Group Picture of the DC Superheroes
Group Picture of DC Comics HeroesCredit: www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=665067
DC Comics Heroes - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=665067

Who is the greatest of these superheroes?
Well, according to many it is The one and only SUPERMAN Your favorite hero of comics magazines, radio, and newspapers

A poster with Superman
A poster with SupermanCredit: www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=181057
Superman - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=181057
and now even such decorative Superman art prints, many serial movies, and more recently his own TV serial, Smallville.

Superman is an alien from a distant planet Krypton, from where he arrived as a baby. He grew up on a farm in Kansas, and from the very beginning his identity, Kal-El, was hidden behind a more earthly name Clark Kent.
Superman has super powers and is only vulnerable to one thing: Kryptonite! This secret weakness of Superman can be compared to the secret of an ancient superhero. Achilles, who according to Greek mythology was dipped by his mother in the river Styx, the water in the river made Achilles invulnerable. However, his mother hold him in his ankles when she dipped him, and her hands stopped the water from touching the back of his ankles. His weak spot was hit by an arrow and he died.
To be powerful as Superman is the dream of many boys, so it isn’t a big surprise that some of the Superman Comics Magazines has published several stories about Superboy.

A poster with Superboy

Superboy - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=600915

Many boys would love to have one of the walls in their room decorated with a poster with Superboy. The dreams of being a superhero would then come easy.
Just as many other superheroes Superman has a super villain as enemy. In the Superman stories the evil villain is represented by the archenemy Lex Luthor.

Batman, also known as The Dark Knight or The Caped Crusader does not have super powers, instead he uses high technology in the combat against crime and super villains. One of the important high tech products Batman uses is the Batmobile which is normally parked in the hidden Batcave. In the story, Batman’s real identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire who as a child witnessed the murder of his parents. He swore that he would use his life and fortune to fight the criminals, and in particular fight the super villains.
And there are many super villains in the Batman serials. One of the major ones is The Joker.

A poster with Batman and The Joker

Batman Beyond - Return of The Joker
Batman and The Joker - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=185708

The Joker is a very intelligent villain, and many find him extremely entertaining. However, the one and only winner is, as always, Batman!

The poster: Batman Returns

Batman Returns - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=176922

If Superman is the number one superhero, and Batman number two, then SpiderMan is a clear number three in popularity. SpiderMan is to begin with a young, shy, and nerdy high school student who is being bitten by a dangerous spider. The bite changes him into a superhero, and gives him super strength, the ability to cling to most surfaces, and to shoot spider-webs.

The poster: Spider-Man-Web

Spider-Man-Web - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=665071

SpiderMan is fighting against his enemies as all superheroes are. But at the same time his real identity, Peter Parker, is representing many teenager’s problems. It is therefore only natural that many youngsters can identify themselves with Peter Parker, in the hope of getting the power of SpiderMan. And what can be a more clear signal than a Spider-Man poster on the door to their room.

Spider-Man Door Poster

SpiderMan Door - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=589243

Well, the Top 3 Super Heroes are: Superman, Batman, and SpiderMan! But who are the two super anti-heroes?

The first of the antiheroes I will mention is the Italian Diabolik. No one knows his real name, it is never mentioned in any of the comic books telling his adventures. Neither is it disclosed in the movie, Danger: Diabolik from 1968.
Diabolik is a criminal, and a master thief. He steals from other criminals, whom he also occasionally kills, but he never kills the police or the innocent. He never uses guns, instead he throws daggers.  

Il colpo fallito! (The coup failed!)

Il colpo fallito! - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=595688

Diabolik can be seen as a Robin Hood character, and as a master of disguise.
He was raised as an orphan by criminals on a secret island. As an adult his only companion is Eva Kant, who at the same time is his partner and lover. In the story Diabolik and Eva are often shown in his sports car, a black Jaguar E-type from 1961.

Eva, ce l'abbiamo fatta! (Eva, we made it!)

Spider-Man Door PosterCredit: www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=589243The poster: Batman ReturnsCredit: www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=176922A poster with SuperboyCredit: www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=600915 Big art prtint with Diabolik - Eva, ce l'abbiamo fatta! (Eva, we made it!)Credit: www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=595689

Eva, ce l'abbiamo fatta! - Credit: http://www.superheroposters.net/showproduct.aspx?pid=595689

All Diabolik’s and Eva’s adventures take place in Clerville, a fictional town which is most likely inspired by Geneva in Switzerland.

Homer Simpson - Complete and utter DependenceCredit: www.familyguyposters.com/showproduct.aspx?pid=478598

The second of the antiheroes, or rather, The number one Super Anti-Hero is a very popular animated cartoon figure. He is not normally categorized as an antihero (or as a hero), but that might be because he is in a category of his own: Homer Simpson is The Man!
In this article I have categorized Homer as an antihero, but in my opinion he might as well have been called the greatest hero of the century!
Homer is celebrated all over the world. The Simpsons even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The one and only Homer Simpson!

Homer Simpson Dependence - Credit: http://www.familyguyposters.com/showproduct.aspx?pid=478598
Homer Simpson: I know what I can offer you that no one else can: Complete and utter dependence.

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