Compulsive overeaters are faced with a few problems when they go to a restaurant. They are faced with large portions, high calorie foods, appetizers and desserts. With the 5 steps that follow you will be able to continue treating your compulsion for eating, even while out to eat with friends, family or coworkers. Restaurants are not to be feared. In fact with the following tips you can learn to have your new thin self coexist with restaurants. These three tips will allow you to enjoy guilt free trips to a restaurant.

Step 1. Bag it

When the server brings you your food ask him to bring you a box or doggie-bag. He will bring it with the ketchup and as soon as he does split the entire meal in half and put one half in the container to take home. This will immediately cut your caloric intake in half. Additionally, it will help you avoid the urge to clean your plate and is an easy exercise. It requires only the will power to ask for the take home container. Your eating companions will also realize what you have done and perhaps they will bring it up. If they do, proudly explain to them that you are changing the way you eat and these portions are too large. Be sure not to mention a diet. Diets do not work and we know that. You are changing your life by changing the way you eat and others will admire you for that.

Step 2. Split it

If you are eating with a companion insist on splitting something with them. Some restaurants will charge a split plate fee of $2 or $3. These few dollars is a bargain compared to you and one other person overeating if you had each gotten your own entree. You will pay a smaller bill with both your wallet and your waistline. The only downside to this is that you must decide together what to eat. One thing we need to be sure of is that we order something that will satisfy us. If we eat something that does not sound appealing we may go home and binge to satisfy that craving. If you think that this may happen use one of the other tips I am giving to you.

Step 3. Ruin it

This is my favorite method although it is the most expensive. My wife, who does not have a weight problem, actually taught me this. What she will do is when she is finished with her food and feels full she will use the condiments available to ruin the food that is left. She will squirt ketchup on her pancakes or sprinkle Equal on what's left of her hamburger. You can also take your napkin and smash it into the remaining food. This is something that I have adopted because we do not always agree on eating the same things. In addition to being more expensive you must be able to waste half of a meal. If that is something that does not bother you then this is often a fun ways to stop yourself from grazing after you have finished.

When practiced regularly these tips will help you stay on track with your weight control goals.