A grocery store is a many nuanced place. It is a storehouse of goods that exist to meet a need. It is a place that people from all walks of life have to go, in most cases, in order to buy the food and products they need. As such it is a great place to learn, generally, what people are looking for and how they are looking for it.

Below are 3 practical tips from a grocery store that can be used in any business be it a blog, a store, or the providing of a service or information.

1. Appearance of Success: Facing the Shelves - In a grocery store you always have to keep the shelves looking faced and full to give the impression things are not only going well, but almost bursting at the seams with merchandise. What does this do for the customer? It gives them the feeling that the store is not only able to provide what they need, but also offer them something more. The store can go the extra-mile. It becomes a place of comfort. The store gives the appearance of abundance. It has weight in the consumer's mind. The store has credibility to the consumer.

The same is also true in any business. The appearance of success, putting your best foot forward, or looking like a million bucks can help add weight to your business or brand. In essence, show quality. Show that you can not only provide information, a good, or a service that is top notch, but aim to exceed a customer's, a reader's, or a client's expectations.

2. Convenience and Ease of Use: The Shopping Cart Problem - One can see this take shape in any grocery store parking lot. It would not take much searching to look around the parking lot and see a shopping cart, or many carts, left in awkward places. You might see them parked against a curb, a patch of grass, or even left free standing at the front of a parking space. What is funny about this is that the front of the store, or the cart corral, are often not very far away. A person will go to great lengths to not have to walk that extra 30 feet to put the cart back where it belongs and thus inconvenience themselves and spare others.

In business, think about this when selling a product, giving information, or providing a service. People are often selfish and self-serving. They want immediate gratification and they want to avoid discomfort. So what does that mean for the business? It means provide as many ways as possible to deliver your wares. Appeal to all the senses. Appeal to sight, sound, and if possible, touch. Make your delivery of your product or brand easy so that your customers have fewer excuses available to them to not take action. Bring yourself closer than 30 feet. Provide even more accessibility. There will, of course, always be lazy people that will never act, but by keeping this in mind, you have a better chance of catching more that will.

3. Provide Excellent Service Repeatedly: The Role of a Cashier - It is the cashier at the front of the store's job to provide you with consistent, efficient, and friendly service over and over again. They greet you, talk to you, scan your items, bag your items, charge you, and send you out the door with a fond farewell. They multi-task many functions and still provide customer service. They must do this consistently and they must do this many times a day. They have to be able to repeat and maintain a standard of quality and service for each transaction.

This is the same for business. You want to be able to provide everything the customer needs to complete the transaction and walk away feeling served and content and ready to come back for more. Remember, the cashier is also the last person they see before they leave. It is their responsibility to leave the customer happy. Make sure your customers are content when they leave and they will look forward to that contentment over and over again in your business.

Remember, a business almost always involves people. Appeal to them and try to learn what it is that they are looking for. The next time you go to a grocery store take a look around a pay attention to what is going on around you. You might find even more helpful information that can be applied to your business.