Women’s rights have come a long way over the past 50 years. Although women are finally close to having as many rights and freedom as men, there are still some Countries where women are treated very poorly. In the United States Women generally have as many legal rights; however they do not always earn as much income as their male counterparts. Sexism can still run rampant in some workplaces. We should always be supportive of a female’s right to choose and not make them feel guilty for the choices they make in life. It does not matter whether we agree with them or not. Here are 3 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For.

To Raise Kids or to Work


In an ideal World they would have the right to choose whether they would like to have children and be a stay at parent or they could choose to go into the Workplace full time. Either way is fine however in today’s society there are many women who have to work in order to help support the family. This is very admirable but for the women who can decide whether they would like to work full-time or stay at home with their children full-time can be a very heart wrenching decisions.

Those who can afford to stay home with their children because of their husband’s job should not apologize to other people regardless of what their choice is. Some women may choose to enter the workplace and they will get criticized by other adults. On the other hand some women will choose to stay at home as a full-time parent and these women are also often criticized. Regardless of where you are at you shouldn't ever make a adult female feel bad for running her life. She is fortunate to have the choice to work or stay at home and you should not get involved except to offer support regardless of which option(s) she chooses.

Sexy or Not Sexy


Some women love to put on the Mary Kay cosmetics, high heels, and dress super sexy with cleavage showing. Other women don’t care if they have hairy legs and dirty sweat pants on. Women shouldn't ever apologize for the way they dress. It does not matter if a female dresses sexy or if a female dresses like an old man, women should never apologize for their style choice.

Leaving Her Spouse


Many women often get criticized for leaving their husbands. While I definitely agree that women should try and make their marriages work, we cannot judge them because we are not part of the situation they were in. Maybe their husband was violent towards her or maybe she felt her children were threatened because f illegal activities her husband may have been involved with. Generally women will have great reasons for separating and divorcing from their husbands. A female should never apologize for divorcing her husband if she has a good reason too. Whatever her reason is it happens to be none of our business so we should never make a adult female feel like she needs to be sorry for leaving her spouse.