What Is A Handwriting Expert?

This is someone also known as a forensic document examiner. They verify signatures and possible fraud or counterfeit papers. These people analyze the authenticity of important information such as deeds, contracts, leases, and wills. Letters and crossed "i" 's and "t's", are studied closely for verification. Our legal system is helped tremendously by their work because their efforts save the taxpayers money. According to one law enforcement expert, over 90% of handwriting cases never get to court. Oftentimes, a verified letter will often make plaintiffs and defendants settle their cases without going to trial. This profession has also been called the science of handwriting and it reveals the character or personality of the writer. These experts have also been used to solve high profile murder cases. Occasionally, they are called into a courtroom to provide expert testimony. It can also be a lucrative career. Working full-time, your salary can be in the $300-$1,000 an hour range. Part-time, you can earn $100-$200 per hour. The pay is good and it allows you to provide a valuable service to our court system. This is a winning situation for everyone. If you do the following 3  things, you can become a part of this profession:

Earn A Degree

Do your research and find out what colleges or universities in your area offer handwriting courses. A local community college is also a good alternative and is more inexpensive. In fact, this may be your best option. It typically takes about 18 months to complete this coursework. Make sure that it is professionally accredited. Campus corner.com is a great resource for finding the best online programs for you. Taking a minor in psychology is also recommended because everyone has a particular style of writing. This can also help break down people's different personality traits and characteristics. Understanding human behavior can help you be a more effective expert. Science classes can also enhance your resume.

 Practice! Practice!

In your spare time, you should practice and develop your handwriting skills. Even if you are enrolled in school, this extra effort will give you a jumpstart to having a great career. Hard work pays off. It does not take a lot of time to improve. Practicing just 20-30 minutes a day will eventually benefit  you tremendously. No matter how good your handwriting is, you can always get better. Study your own writing and that of your family and friends. Let them be a part of your learning process. Never stop trying to develop your talent.

Get Cerified

In order to become certified, forensic document examiners must pass a written amd oral exam. This will classify you as an expert and will give you credibility when your appearence is necessary in court. You can also earn certification from graphology training institutions. You can also register as an expert witness. An apprenticeship from an experienced expert is something that should be considered. It will allow you to learn how to use some tools of your trade such as photography, computers, magnifiers, and more. The American Society of Questioned Document Examiners is an outstanding organization that helps handwriting students pass their exams, earn an advanced degree, and support. Before signing on as an apprentice, make sure that you ask how many have gone on to become working experts.

Becoming a handwriting expert is not as difficult as some people think. It allows you to get paid well and make a positive contribution to the legal system. Get started by enrolling in a accredited course. Do research and find out which program suits your needs best. Practice every day if you can. It does not take much time to improve your skills and it will give you a leg up on your career. Certification is essential because it will give you credibility and will help if your testimony is necessary in high profile cases. This can be a rewarding profession and if you follow these 3 steps, you can become a part of the law enforcement community. 


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