You probably already know that baseball is considered to be America's favorite past time. An afternoon spent outside practicing baseball is an afternoon well spent. Of course, to practice baseball at home, you will need a few items. To purchase all of the gear that you will need to practice baseball at home, check out stores like Eastbay and The Sports Authority.

1. Bat

Your age will dictate the type of baseball bat that you need. Types of baseball bats that are available include tball bats, youth bats, adult bats and senior league bats. When you are selecting a baseball bat, you also need to decide if you want a wood or a metal bat. Of course, minor and major league professional baseball players use wood bats. Generally speaking, any youth league and college teams use metal bats.

To ensure that you are purchasing a high quality baseball bat, stick to well known brands such as Easton, Louisville Slugger, Nike and Combat Sports. You can generally save money by purchasing baseball bats online. However, if you have never held a baseball bat before, you may want to head on over to your local sporting goods store so you can decide which bat weight is good for you.

2. Glove

You can't catch a baseball without a glove, right? The type of glove that you purchase depends on the baseball position that you want to play. Catchers, first basemen, infielders, outfielders and pitchers all use different gloves. General purpose youth gloves are also sold by most sporting goods stores. If you are in a baseball league, you can also choose from slowpitch baseball gloves and fastpitch baseball gloves. If you purchase a cheap baseball glove, it'll probably fall apart before you know it. Companies that are known for making top of the line baseball gloves include Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno and Nokona.

3. Baseballs

Now that you are thinking about what bat and glove you want, you also need to pick up a baseball or two. If you are going to be practicing baseball on your own at home, you may want to invest in a tee and/or a pitching machine, as well. If you've got a practice partner or two, a couple of baseballs is all you will need to practice baseball at home. For realism purposes, you should go with a leather ball for practicing baseball at home. You can purchase a synthetic ball, but they have a much different feel than leather balls do. You can save money by buying a bucket of balls, but you shouldn't have a problem finding practice baseballs for a couple of bucks each. Top manufacturers of leather baseballs include Diamond Sports, MacGregor, Rawlings, and Wilson.