Everyone who wants a labradoodle or any dog for that matter is looking for the best options with the least hassle. Let's face it, none of us is a professional "dog chooser", this is something that we just don't do that often. Why should you be concerned? You want to avoid heartache, sorrow, and difficulties in choosing a puppy. You want to choose a new addition to your family that will add value and love to your home.

Let's examine the 3 main reasons, points, mistakes or actions that a person might want to avoid in choosing a labradoodle puppy. First off, you need to know some information about the breeder. More specifically, you need to understand where their dogs come from.

What exactly will be the problems and the items you should stay away from? And why should they be avoided? In order to really handle an issue such as bad hips, a nice approach might be to request a medical history of the dogs they use to breed.

Let's take a look then, at the three most important items to avoid:

First and foremost, puppy mills. This is often of primary significance since there is a high risk of disease and they tend to have a serious lack of socialization, so they tend to be more timid and less friendly. Often they are being raised in cruel and inhumane environments. How much avoidance is good enough? You need to avoid puppy mills at all costs and try to find a legitimate breeder who socializes and personally cares for each puppy individually.

After that, timidity. Why is that? Timid puppies tend to grow up fearful, they don't do well in social situations, and rather than being friendly, they tend to shy away from people they don't know. . And exactly how will we determine what is sufficient? By seeing how the puppy cowers and avoids people while the other puppies in a litter come up to you and seek attention.

Lastly, puppies from untested lines. Why is this important? When you find a puppy that comes from untested lines, you run the risk of genetic diseases, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and a slew of other trouble. This should really be avoided so as to avoid a lot of time, money, and sadness. How will you tell whether it's sufficient or not? By asking the breeder for proof of testing of the parents.

You stay away from the biggest and the large majority of problems by avoiding these 3. This will help you immensely to avoid buying a trouble dog.