When it comes to choosing an apartment, everyone has their own set of living requirements that need to be met. And with so many things to consider before signing a lease, sometimes the seemingly minor features get overlooked. This is a mistake. Certain things about an apartment can oftentimes make or break your living experiences.

Here are a few features that you may not normally consider (but should) before signing an apartment lease.

High ceilings. High ceilings are beautiful to look at and can make rooms seem much bigger than they actually are. However, along with having high ceilings to beautify your surroundings comes a few cons. For starters, renters will have higher utility bills in the colder and warmer months. If you do go with an apartment with high ceilings, make sure to set aside some extra money for your heating bill in the winter and cooling bill in the summer.

Laundry facilities. Some people simply cannot live in an apartment that doesn’t provide an in-unit washer and dryer. The inconvenience alone is something to consider before moving into a place with shared laundry facilities. While it is a minor inconvenience not to have this luxury, there are monetary benefits to not having these appliances in your apartment. Many properties will take care of the water bill if washer/dryer units are not included in the units. Sometimes, you just have to try it out and see what you think.

Renters Insurance. Many properties that are owned by larger corporations require that you get renters insurance when leasing an apartment. This is an additional charge on top of the rent, property fees and any extras they tack on monthly. While it is an added expense, renters insurance is a smart decision. In the event of a fire, robbery or any other unforeseen circumstance, your insurance covers all of your material possessions.

Extra storage. If you’re downsizing, extra storage space is essential in apartment living. Make sure to ask if there is any storage space located away from the apartment, not just within the apartment. Many apartment buildings have extra storage in a different part of the complex.

If you need to locate an apartment in Chicago, make your search easier by removing apartments from your search that don’t meet you expectations.