Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The dog breeds of the larger variety come with a set of their own special considerations. Owning a dog is a lot like having a child around the house. You have to feed it, love it, provide for it, play with it, and generally look after its well-being. Owning a larger breed dog is like having a very large teenager in the house, but this one doesn't talk back. Large dogs can be quite challenging creatures.

As a pet owner, you have to be prepared both ahead of time and when your dog moves into its new home and life with you. What are some things that need to be considered?

Below are 3 things to consider before owning a large breed dog.

1. Size - If you have a small living space, the introduction of another large creature, aside from yourself, is going to make a cramped space feel even smaller. Especially when this new one has a huge wagging tail that could break everything it touches. Also, because of the enormous size of your large breed dog, one has to consider where it is going to sleep. Can you accommodate a large dog? Does it have the space it needs to provide both you and it with freedom to move around in comfort? Size is likely the biggest and most obvious hurdle, with the ownership of a large breed dog.

2. Large Appetite- Large dogs have large appetites. This is going to force you, the owner, to have to come up with the means to feed your dog the amount of food it needs to support its bulk. Can you afford to feed your large breed dog? A better question might be, "can you afford to feed yourself?" Owning a large breed dog will force you into a grocery bill that you maybe never considered before. You may have only been eating for one before your new dog came into the picture. Large breed dogs can make you feel like you are feeding 5!

3. Strength - Usually, this is an attribute that we desire and think we understand by default when owning a large dog. Something you may not have considered is that this strength is ALWAYS present. Don't be surprised if, when walking your dog and the occasional squirrel scampers past, you feel as though your arm has just been attached to a runaway freight train. Be prepared for the incredible strength of your large breed dog. Don't rely on your dog to have a clear understanding of its strength. It likely has no idea it is the size of a small house.

These are only a few of the many reasons owning a large breed dog can be cause for special consideration. Before you take a large dog home, educate yourself further about all the aspects that owning a large breed dog brings to the table.

If you are considering a large breed dog, then I hope you, having considered the 3 things to be aware of listed above, are more prepared to handle this new responsibility.

Be prepared to have some big changes with the inclusion of your large breed dog! When I say big, I really mean BIG!