You would think that all baby toys are safe, but that is not always the case. When you are buying baby toys, you always need to consider safety. You should also purchase baby toys according to the age of your baby. It is also a good idea to consider sense stimulation when you are buying baby toys. If you are looking to buy baby toys, check out merchants such as LeapFrog and eToys. To ensure that you get a great deal on the baby toys, be sure to use promo codes whenever possible.

1. Safety

Safety is always the most important factor when you are buying baby toys. Especially for baby's, you should avoid any and all toys that have small parts that your baby can swallow. If you are purchasing a battery powered toy for your baby, you need to ensure that the battery compartment can be tightly sealed. You don't want your baby opening the battery compartment. As a general rule, it is always a good idea to buy baby toys that have smooth edges. Avoid toys that have rough, sharp or jagged surfaces. Strings on baby toys can be a choking hazard, so do not purchase any baby toys that have strings that exceed 7 inches in length.

2. Age Appropriate Toys

As your baby grows, you should buy new toys for your baby that will help with his or her development. When your baby is up to 2 months old, you want to purchase your baby toys that feature high contrast colors, rings, different textures, rattles and mirrors. Toys that make sounds are great for babies that are up to 2 months old because that is when they are developing their rhythmic senses.

At 3 to 5 months old, your baby is learning how to cause responses, so toys that feature peek-a-boo flaps are great. Your baby will be more responsive to sounds at 3 to 5 months old, so you should consider purchasing baby activated light, sound and music toys.Your babies strength and coordination are increasing at 6 to 9 months of age, so activity centers, teething toys and shape sorters are toys that you should look into buying.

3. Sense Stimulation

It is very important that you help your baby develop her sensory skills. You can easily stimulate your baby's senses by purchasing the right toys. Toys that can be chewed on are great for sensory development because they feature different textures. To help develop your baby's awareness, you should purchase toys that promote toy interaction, such as activity centers or baby gyms. If you are giving your baby a toy that is designed to develop sensory skills and your baby is not playing with it, she is likely not yet ready for that toy.