Thinking about getting a pool table? This is fantastic, its a very fun sport that parents can do with their children or if you just want something that’s not too physically intensive yet still have some fun with a sport. However the worst thing is when you sink all this money into one and realize that you are either missing something or you have set it up wrong, I will try to help you avoid these simple pitfalls.


Get the Right Size

Alright so some of you may know that a 100” table is the regulation size. This doesn't mean you should go there right away at least. These are very large tables and unless you have the proper room, with extra so you can actually play of course, then go with something a little smaller. If you aren't for sure then measure out the area you plan on putting the table and ensure you have about double the space needed for the table. This way your players will have plenty of room to move as well as a place to hand a cue rack and so on.


Get Some Accessories

Alright so a table is good and all but without a few extra cues so that your guests who come over can play too then it doesn't mean much. On top of that you want some chalk, racks, and a few non standard sized sticks for those tricky shots. These aren't absolutely necessary really, but are vital to thorough enjoyment.


Delivery and Setup

If you are a professional do it yourself-er then this might be OK to do it yourself because you know how heavy a pool table is and how important it is to get everything level. However, if you don't know any of those things or how to achieve them then simply have the store you bought it from deliver and set it up. Something as small as one leg not being level means a very bad time for all players involved. Not to mention the sheer weight of a regulation table, make sure you have enough man power to move it. Or as I suggest, since you are spending all that money on a table, let the professionals set it up the right way the first time.


Now Time To Enjoy

Alright so now you know the three basic things in which you need to know before going out and getting a pool table. Now it is time to call around and get some price quotes. Also you can check around in some local bars, they usually have pool tables. Ask them who did theirs and if they were satisfied. Of course grab a beer while you are in there, its only polite and I have heard worse excuses. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing.