Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or someone content on hiring a contractor, there are a few things to remember when completing a large, medium or small remodel on your home.  Everyone loves the look of a brand new wood floor, a new granite countertop, or freshly tiled bathroom shower… Who wouldn't want any one of those jobs completed and looking good at this very moment in there own home or one they are renovating for profit?  But, the following  three things are important considerations and will save you a lot of headache (and money) in the future.

One: Replace the old water supply valves in your house - ALL OF THEM!

Water supply valves get corroded and need to be replaced every ten years or so.  Old water supply valves may seem OK, right up until you try to actually turn the valve off.  Once that happens, more times than not, you are left with an annoying leak.  This is why the best thing to do when remodeling is always to replace all your supply valves.   I recommend using a "quarter turn" supply valve.  The less turning that needs to occur means the less that can go wrong!

Two: Have roof inspected and repaired

Few things can be more frustrating than a leaking roof and most people are not always aware of the condition of their roof.  When was the last time you climbed up on your roof and gave it a good look???  Having a qualified roofing contractor or inspector inspect your roof can be well worth your money.  Leaking roofs can cause mold, drywall damage and paint damage…. Three things nobody wants to deal with.

Three: Spend more money for quality items

 The saying "buy cheap, buy twice" never rings more true than in remodeling.  Always, always, ALWAYS spend a little extra to get higher quality material, appliances or service; you WON'T be disappointed!  Too many times I have seen people buy cheap materials or hire unlicensed contractors, all in hopes of saving a few bucks, only to find themselves paying even more because of their poor decision the first time around.  Think about the fact that YOU are the one living in your home and you are the one who will be using and looking at the things you have chosen to put in your home.  Make sure you love the items you purchase to put in your house and you use the most qualified people to install them!