Find yourself forgetting a lot of things throughout the day? Nearly forgetting to go to work in the morning or perhaps getting groceries? This is actually a fairly normal occurrence which frustrates a lot of people. It is really a simple matter to get this under control, though it still isn't easy for the forgetful person.


Make and Check a List

Making a list will not only help you remember, but it will give you something to look back it frequently. If you train yourself to read a piece of paper at a regular interval then eventually your mind will know that you are trying to remember what you wanted to do and simply recall that and removing your need for the piece of paper. It is a slow process but keeping a piece of paper on you that has get groceries and other chores on it isn't exactly a pain, right?


Mental Exercise

Notice that ever since school you are forgetting more and more? That is because our brain needs a workout too from time to time. This is actually quite fun for a lot of people too because they love to do crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Really you cannot go wrong with any book that says puzzle on it. Just do it in your off time. Keep it in the car and when you are forced to wait around just pop it out and start working on it. You will be surprised how big of a difference this can make in a short amount of time. Now that doesn't mean to expect miracles, be realistic and don't give up.


Make and Follow a Routine

A lot of people seem to forget where their keys are and things like that and think they have a problem remembering. Yea it is true you are forgetting but something that will still help you is to set a routine for yourself. Such as placing your keys in a bowl by the door right when you walk in and never leaving them anywhere else. This takes some time to get used to but when you do then you will never be late for anything again because you couldn't find your keys or shoes.


Keep Up a Good Attitude

That is right, this is a bonus tip. You need to keep a good attitude going, you won't get anywhere by thinking your memory is so bad and being depressed about it. You will just make things worse like that, being confident in yourself and knowing you can get it under control is the key to success. I mean that, this is vital for everything you do, if you think you can't then you won't it's as simple as that.