Get Smooth Skin After Shaving

Often when you get smooth skin after shaving it is short lived due to itchiness and red swollen bumps that appear. This is very common for many of us. It’s from your skin being irritated from shaving and you develop in-grown hairs and razor bumps. Below are a few tips on preventing in-grown hairs after shaving.

Razor Bumps and in-grown hairs are caused by infected hair follicles that appear after being shaved. When the hair is cut, it sometimes will curl and grow back into the hair follicle or into another follicle nearby. This irritates the skin, becomes ingrown hair and can cause itchiness, inflammation, redness, razor bumps or sometimes infection. The most common is the legs and face.
A Good Shaver
It is very important to have a good shaver and never press too hard on the blade when shaving. You will remove skin as well as hair. The blade should easily glide on top of the skin. Many have found an electric razor works the best and limits the in-grown hairs. Double track blades often can cause irritation as well. Sometimes when shavers get too close to the skin it will cause irritation. If you don’t want to use an electric shaver, there are many good shavers on the market.
Never Shave on Dry or Bare Skin
The skin should be well lubricated and softened. There are many products on the market you can use such as shaving creams for men and women. Or you can use a soap that lathers well. When you have a nice lather, it helps with not letting the blade get too close to the skin and removing more than the hair, it offers protection. Some people use body oils that gives them extra smooth skin, this is especially good for legs.
Shave Hair the same Direction as it Grows
When shaving your legs the best way to prevent in-grown hairs after shaving is to shave down ward, you often see immediate results with no irritation. Most people prefer to shave upwards because it is a closer shave by removing most of the hair but this also incurs more irritation. A good rule of thumb is to shave the same direction as your hair grows. Shaving in the same direction helps the hair to grow out straight and prevents hair from curling and growing back into follicle.
Always Exfoliate Skin
Exfoliating the skin right before or right after shaving is very important and should always be done. Exfoliating will lift the hair away from the skin and unblock any clogged follicles. Exfoliating either before or after shaving is up to you, either way it helps prevent in-grown hairs, plus it makes your skin very soft and smooth. You can use an exfoliating brush, loofah or body scrub. The body scrubs such as a sugar or salt scrub is good to use after shaving, especially on legs. But sometimes you can feel light stinging when using a salt scrub after shaving, so a sugar or apricot scrub is always good. Exfoliating the skin will give you smooth skin after shaving, always!
By applying these easy steps, this will help prevent ingrown hairs. You will get smooth skin after shaving with less or no irritation.

Get smooth skin after shaving

Smooth Skin After Shaving