Please find details within this article that will help you to achieve your goal of getting bigger biceps fast. Whether it be for your self-esteem, for the lady’s or for any other reason, these tips will help you achieve this goal. These have been created from several years of watching friends, family and clients make the same mistakes time after time. Try them, even if it is for just a few weeks, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Tip 1

Use a high intensity. Unless you are pushing yourself to the max with your bicep exercises then growth is going to be very limited. You need to go until you physically cannot continue. This pressure is what is going to shock your body. This shock will initiate adaption in the form of bigger biceps.

If you find that your struggling to push yourself, why not find a training partner. As well as motivating you to push that bit further they can also act as a spotter for you to help squeeze out that last rep.

Tip 2

Do squats and deadlifts. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it but I assure there is method in the madness. When performing big exercises such as squats to a high intensity, your body releases more testosterone due to the size of the muscles that are being stimulated. Think how many muscles get used during squats. So make sure you get at least few good sets of squats into your program each week. With more testosterone in your system it’s going to help growth in your biceps. (I would not recommend training legs and biceps in the same day if bigger biceps is your goal).

Tip 3

Rest. It seems so simple but so many people don’t take note of this. Training your biceps every time you go the gym is asking for failure. I know it’s hard not to when you are keen to get fast results but  you need give your body at least a few days to recover in order to grow otherwise you will find progress very slow if not then non-existent. Working your biceps once a week is sufficient. Try it and see what difference it makes.

To summarize

Work hard!
Do squats!
Less is more!

I hope these tips at least give you a new idea to help you reach goal fast!