Need help in buying a blue laser pointer? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind.

If you are looking to buy a laser pointer this holiday season, you are undoubtedly left with a multitude of questions regarding various factors. Things like output power, beam frequency, diode construction, laser body design, and other aspects; can be time consuming and confusing to sort through. So, how do you know what laser is the best option for your application?

Here we will look at three major points to finding the right blue laser at the best price online.

1. Warranty Periods

Though this may not have been the number one thing on your mind to consider, it probably should be. Because handheld blue lasers have only been on the market since late in 2005, there has been a wide range of constructions and designs developed since then. More modern one's are far superior to older models, but no matter what, you should be looking for a warranty period of no less than 12 months. Any company who has warranties on their lasers for less than a year should be put into question, it typically means they don't have the most faith in the quality of their goods and you should shop elsewhere.

2. Burning Capability

You may have seen videos or read reviews online about the burning ability of different laser pointer varieties out there. The reason that blue lasers have become such popular burning lasers is because the output power can be increased very high without making the laser too overly bright or dangerous in comparison to green models. 1000mW blue lasers can light matches, pop balloons, and are visible for over 25 miles, so be sure to use safety goggles whenever using them indoors and never aim directly at another person.

3. Mesmerizing Appeal

Many of us are familiar with red lasers and have seen more modern day green lasers, but being pretty new to the world, there is still a very special place in the heart of hobbyists and users alike for brilliant blue laser beams. They are typically capable of burning and are not commonplace like red laser key chains once were. Want to have the baddest laser on the block? Go for blue.

No matter what your reason is for buying a blue laser pointer, always take the time and do your own research. If you have questions, ask the company for support. Can you get help if you need it? Any company with no support to speak of should also be avoided all together. With even just a few minutes of browsing online you can find the best price blue laser and ensure you're satisfied with what you get. As always, enjoy your lasers responsibly!