Contact lens care is not very difficult at all. However, too many people fail to properly take care of their contact lenses, which reduces the life of the lens and could cause damage to the actual eye. Depending on your prescription, contact lenses could be a major purchase, so you need to make sure that you take the best possible care of them. If you need to purchase contact lenses or contact lens cleaning supplies, check out stores like Vision Direct and 1-800 Contacts. Here are three tips for contact lens care:

1. Wash Your Hands

You should always wash your hands before you even think about touching your contact lens. When you are washing your hands, you want to make sure that you are using a mild soap. When it comes to drying your hands, make sure that you are using a lint free towel. Remember, if you have any dirt, dust or other particles on your fingers, you are going to transfer that debris to your contact lenses. Your contact lenses will then transfer that debris to your eyes, which can cause eye irritation and/or damage. Remember, you should never use any creams, powders, lotions or cosmetics before you handle your contact lenses. Washing your hands only takes a couple of minutes to do, but it will surely preserve the quality of your contact lenses.

2. Handling Contact Lenses

One mistake that many contact wearers make is using their nails to handle their contact lenses. You should never use your nails to handle your contact lenses. Contact lenses are made out of very delicate materials. If you use your nails to handle your contact lenses, don't be surprised if you find a tear in the lens. To prevent any accidents from happening, you should keep your nails short and ensure that there are no jagged ends on your nails before handling your contact lenses. You only want to use your fingers to handle your contact lenses, and as previously mentioned, make sure that you wash your hands first.

3. Cleaning Contact Lenses

A major part of caring for contact lenses is cleaning contact lenses. In addition to cleaning contact lenses, you also need to rinse and disinfect them. You should only use a contact lens cleaning solution that has been recommended by your eye doctor. The cleaning solution that you use for your contact lenses should also be approved by the FDA. As soon as you take your contact lenses out, put them in the cleaning solution. Before putting your contact lenses in the cleaning solution, make sure that you pour fresh cleaning solution into your contact lens storage container.

Old contact lens cleaning solution could be full of bacteria that you don't want anywhere near your eyes. When it comes to contact lens cleaning solutions, stick to only well known brands. Remember, you only get one pair of eyes, so don't purchase a cleaning solution that may do more harm than good.