It's no secret, so many of us really love having those amazing and deep conversations with other individuals. It's no secret that being stuck in a vehicle the whole day elicits the right situation for these talks to occur. It's equally no secret that these types of discussions can't be forced, you can't snap your own fingers and have one of those deep, soul-rocking talks. They just have to come about naturally...

Or do they?

This article will focus on exactly that, how you can have those incredible conversations while in the car. Not by enforcing them, instead by priming the situation for them to happen. There is no mental technique involved, just simply a couple of simple steps:


Be open and honest
Okay, this one may almost sound overly simple, but it really is effective. If you're seriously longing for a discussion, odds are good that you have something to get off your own chest. Hence, open up, express yourself, your beliefs, passions, doubts, fears - whatever has been on your mind recently. Your trusty companion(s) will love to listen in, and it gives them permission to open up as well. Very quickly, you're lost in language... Just to provide you with an illustration, a week ago during an eight-hour car ride I informed my friend about my personal dream of long-term travel, which subsequently initiated an engaging discussion about our future ambitions.


Ask the right question
One of the better tricks to experiencing meaningful dialogues is to ask a simple question. There is one question which is able to turn just about any boring car ride into an engaging dialogue. You may guffaw at it's simplicity, but this single question will snowball into a verbal avalanche. All you must inquire is:

  • Whatcha thinking?

Too many times one of my good friends from home has asked me this, and so many times I've found myself pouring out all of my recent thoughts to him, and too many times we've had dialogues last for hours, all sprouting from a surprisingly simple question. One thing to look out for, though, is the fact that this question is so direct, some folks may see it as intrusive and get somewhat defensive. They could reply with "What do you mean?" or "What am I thinking about what?" Just keep committed and ultimately they'll open up and you'll strike conversational gold.


Freestyling is one of the best ways to pass time in the car. This is an everlasting fact. What's also true is it can be one of the best ways to open the door to worthwhile dialogue with your trusty automobile amigo(s). For deep conversation to happen, there needs to be total openness, and there is no occasion when people open up more than right after they face a fear. Practically everyone is reluctant to freestyle, hence once they face the fear, drop a fat rhyme, embarrass themselves, and then have a good laugh about it, the environment is then great for everybody to open up and listen to the melodies of each other's soul strings.


It is clear that you and your trusty companion(s) are going to bond considerably during your road trip, and this will often happen during your deep dialogues. Bear in mind, an awesome dialogue can never be forced, but now you know a few ways to help them arise naturally. If one doesn't come about right away, remain motivated and maintain an open mindset. Road trips aren't just perfect for experiencing and learning about various locations, also they are ideal for learning about the individuals we venture with, and ourselves.