Of course, an iPad is considered to be a major purchase, so properly maintaining your iPad should be one of your top priorities. The iPad is a very powerful mobile computer, but it is worthless if you do not take care of your iPad according to manufacturer standards. This guideline will provide you with 3 tips for maintaining your iPad that should lead to you having your iPad for many years. If you need to purchase any of the products mentioned in this guideline or any other iPad accessories, check out Zagg and Best Buy.

1. Screen Protector

As you know, the iPad does not have a mouse or keyboard. To use an iPad, you need to be able to use the touchscreen on the device. That is why protecting the screen on your iPad is the number 1 tip for maintaining your iPad. The best way to protect your iPad's screen is to purchase a screen protector. Many people think that they are unable to use their iPad with a screen protector applied. That is not the case. Screen protectors are clear and you won't even know they are on your iPad once applied. Screen protectors are designed to keep dust, dirt particles and finger smudges from coming in direct contact with your iPad's screen. Best of all, they are extremely affordable.

2. Protective Case

Are you someone that has a protective case for your cell phone? If so, you should have one for your iPad, as well. There are many different manufacturers that create protective cases for the iPad these days in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Different types of iPad protective cases that are available include rubber sleeves, folder cases and laptop-type cases. If you are on the move often, a rubber sleeve is the best protective case you can purchase. Rubber sleeves provide your iPad with a great deal of protection in the event that you were to drop your iPad. There are even some cases available that come with a built-in screen protector for your iPad.

3. Maintaining the Battery

Like any portable device, the iPad has a rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries can only be charged so many times before you have to buy a new one. Rechargeable batteries can be quite expensive, so you should do what you can to maintain the battery life of your iPad for as long as possible. To get the optimal life out of your iPad battery, you should only use your iPad in temperatures that range from 32 degrees to 95 degrees F. The best way to extend the life of your iPad battery is to adjust the screen brightness of the device. Your iPad has an auto-brightness feature that should always be enabled because it allows your iPad to adjust the screen brightness based on the lighting conditions that you are on. If you aren't going to be using the Internet, turning off 3G and Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to preserve battery life.