Who doesn't want to look and feel amazing?

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Who doesn't want to look good in a swimsuit?  Or how about impress someone they haven't seen in a long time by looking like they got a total body makeover?  Or feel the every day bonus of increased stamina and strength?  Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry that reflects our innermost desires to make these dreams come to life.  

So why, then, do so many of us not follow through on our fitness aspirations?  Well, rather than go through a deep philosophical discussion to answer that question, here's 3 real world tips to help cut to the chase and get us in the gym, whether we feel like being there or not.   

#1 Make Time to Work Out

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Step 1 is that we have to allot time for the gym.  We must set aside a time on certain days of the week that are reserved for hitting the gym and hitting the gym only.  Nothing else during these time frames must take priority over the gym.  If it's an emergency, that's okay.  But it has to be a real emergency: the same kind of emergency that would make you miss work.  

#2 Show Up

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Not feeling like it?  It doesn't matter.  Go anyway.  Don't worry about what you're going to do when you get there.  Worry about that when you're there.  Those little mind games we can play with ourselves are what deter us from going.  When we make it about adhering to a schedule and not how we feel, we show up.  And as long as you are doing something, anything, at the gym, that's better than doing nothing at all from not going entirely. 

#3 Rely on your Schedule, Not your Feelings

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This is all about following up with your workout schedule you made time for in step 1.  Treat it like you treat going to work every day.  It's not about whether you feel like going or not, just as it's not about whether you feel like going to work.  You just do it.  Why?  Because you have to if you really are serious about achieving your workout goals.

It's that simple!  Your gym schedule is set.  There's no going around it.  If 5:00 in the evening on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is what you planned for and worked into your schedule, then going to the gym is the only thing you can do at those times, period.  

Reap the Benefits



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Just imagine what you could accomplish by sticking to your schedule long-term.  It doesn't take long to establish habits.  After about a month of respecting and adhering to your gym schedule, you will now be engaged in a habit of frequenting the gym.  That's where a lifestyle change that gets you results and keeps them comes to life.  Now those previous feelings of not wanting to go will be replaced with feelings of not wanting to miss!