Renting a Concession Trailer Or Truck Can Free Up Your Cash Flow

Concession trailers can be referred to as lunch wagons or mobile food trailers. Mobile catering trucks are also used for the same purpose as concession trailers. These types of trailers or trucks are designed for selling a variety of food items, including ice cream, hot dogs, tacos, and even in some cases, gourmet type cuisine. However, if you’ve been wanting to begin a food concession business or mobile catering service, you may have discovered that buying a concession trailer or mobile catering truck can be cost-prohibitive. Therefore, renting may be an attractive option.

Some Items to Consider before your Rent a Mobile Catering Truck or Trailer

Before you rent a truck or trailer though, you’ll need to set up a budget, which will also help you narrow your selections of concession trailers or trucks. The amount you’ll apply towards rent will be based on what you are planning on selling and the mobile kitchen’s features. For example, depending on your needs, concession trucks can come with such components as ovens, deep fryers, refrigerator/freezers, grills, or ovens. Once you’ve determined your budget then and decided what type of truck you’ll need, you can next pinpoint the size of the mobile unit you’ll want to rent.  Also, will you be hiring someone to work with you or will you operate the food truck or lunch wagon yourself? Obviously, you’ll need a bigger trailer or truck if you plan on hiring more than one employee.

What Length of Trailer do you Need?

Usually, mobile trailer rentals come in three lengths, or 14 feet, 20 feet, or 44 feet long. The rental company can provide concession trailers for long-term as well as short-term use. The trailer, when used for mobile catering, can be set up at sporting events, construction or job sites, or can even be used for catering weddings or corporate events. So, you can see that you can use the trailer in one of a variety of venues, thereby making renting the unit a practical and flexible option.

Rental Tips:

Tip #1 - Compile a List of the Rental Companies

So, take time to compile a list of companies that rent concession trailers or trucks. Some national companies that you can contact include Chasonys and Custom Concessions. You may also prefer to buy cheap used trailers from places such as Concession Trailer Bay. After you’ve made a list of concession rental companies, call each of the businesses and see if they have concession units in stock that meet with your requirements. Ask salient questions, such as:

  • What deposit is required?
  • Do you offer insurance coverage for the rental unit?
  • Do you offer a rent-to-own alternative?

Tip # 2 – Ask about Customization

Also, rental companies can work with you to customize your trailer or truck, providing signage that is lighted, dropped floors, exterior lighting, and even porches or awnings. Not only that, companies will ensure that your equipment needs are met with respect to griddles, deep fryers, and refrigeration. Therefore, ask about customization before looking at cost.

Tip #3 - Compare Rental Prices to Obtain the Best Deal

After you determine which suppliers will provide you with the type of trailer or truck you need, compare each of the companies and their offerings to obtain the lowest rental price. Follow up by paying the deposit and signing the paperwork. Make sure you keep a copy of the receipts and documents for your taxes as well.