Cutting Coupons out of the newspaper is one of the best ways to save Money

Cutting Coupons out of the newspaper is one of the best ways to save Money

One of the best ways that companies get their business is through coupons. A coupon is a deal that companies form to help the customer save money, and try their product. The coupon can come in a multitude of ways, and will inevitably save you money! In this blog post, I'll tell you the three easiest ways to get started on saving money!

I started 'cutting coupons' while watching a television show. The show that I watched that evening is titled: "Extreme Couponing". The show goes into detail on stories of people who cut coupons and save, sometimes, thousands upon thousands of dollars. I thought to myself (as you should)- why not me!

The reason companies send coupons is to entice the customer to buy their product. You may ask yourself "Why do companies send out coupons if it means that they lose money?" One of the main reasons that the companies send out the coupons is for future business. For instance, if a soap company offers a buy one, get one free promotion, it may entice you to buy the product. Should you like the product the company that sent you the coupon has converted you from a competitor soap consumer to a customer that purchases their product.

The first way is looking through the newspaper Due to the high amount of advertisements that are in the paper, some will be hard to miss. Coupons are traditionally directly with the store ad, but are occasionally found in other areas of the paper such as on the back of a section, in the classifieds, or in right on the back of the paper! Although it does cost these businesses money to publish these coupons in the paper, they will see return on investment for them and more business. Therefore, these businesses make sure that the coupons are very enticing for you to come in and use the savings!

The second way to get coupons is to e-mail or write to companies. Manufacturer coupons are a huge miss, and if you are effective in these practices, you'll be making some big savings! What do you say? Well think about things that you use often, and tell the manufacturer why you like or dislike their product. Entice them to send you a coupon by telling them why! Also, manufacturing coupons can usually be combined with other coupons which add up to massive savings!

The third way that I've found to get a good coupon is by going right on the store's website and searching for them. Just this past week, I saved about $90 just by printing coupons. It's really this simple go to the store's website, search for coupons, and when you find them, print them! These coupons are usually out there in masses mostly because of how cost-effective it is to put them on their website. It costs businesses very little to put these coupons on their website.

I truly hope that you are able to save some money from this blog! Keep an eye out for those great deals!