There are a lot of reasons why couples break up. One common reason is infidelity. Another reason is personality differences.

There are also those who separate because of loss of love. But usually, when couples break up, one still hopes that the relationship will be saved.

A lot of times, the wife is the one who initiates the separation and the husband is the one who seeks for a reconciliation. If you are one of those husbands, you may be asking right now about the things that you can do to get back with ex wife.

Here are three tips to help you.

The first thing that you need to do is to make her love you again. You might think that this is easier said than done. Yes, you are right in thinking that. It is difficult. But it is not impossible.

So how do you do it? First is for you to recall the things that you did before that made her like you. Then do these things again.

For example she liked you for your early morning greetings that always perk her up then don't hesitate to do that again. Be careful though because if the separation is still fresh, this may not be a welcome thing for her.

Next step to get back with ex wife is to try to change the things that led to the separation without aggressively bragging about. It will do you no good if you call her to tell her that you are changing your ways.

She will most probably think that you are just fooling her. Just show people that you have changed and chances are the news will reach her.

You can subtly force the news to reach her, though. For example, the thing that led to your problem is your being out too late with your friends always.

What you can do is to ask your common friends out for a dinner, but during the dinner consciously go home early telling them you're past the stage where staying late is an option.

Then following the same premise that news about you will reach her, always make sure that you never get involved in any negative things. Always build a positive image for yourself.

To get back with ex wife is not simple. You cannot expect to get what you want overnight. There is a fat chance that the time it will take you to win her back is the same, if not longer, than the time you gave her problems so be patient. If you need extra help in winning her back, I highly recommend The Magic of Making Up, it really works!

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