Lots of people want to get into better physical shape, it isn't rocket science to do so either. Most people need a few pointers though to figure out the quickest and easiest way to meet the results you want.


Cardio Exercises In the Morning

First thing in the morning you are hungry. This is a good thing though, if you can do some cardiovascular exercises during this time your body will use your fat reserves to get energy. On the contrary, if you ate first it would use glucose. There is nothing wrong with using glucose, in fact the workout would seem easier on glucose. However, if you want to get ripped you need to cut down on the fat and cutting down on fat isn't easy.


Interval Training

Your body gets acclimated to anything it does for a long time. It is hard to explain properly but basically if you do something repeatedly it will become easier but won't show results. This is why interval training is the best way to get some results quick. How you do this is by having vigorous training for 15 minutes then slow down for 10 then another 15 of hard training. Every time you get some slow down time you can increase it by 5 minutes and shoot for doing one more than you think you can physically do. Intervals will destroy fat and fast.


Do Cario Before Weights

Cardio is more of the warm up if you are trying to get really ripped. So treat it as such, this gives you a chance to burn fat with cardio without destroying your muscles before hand. When you do your weight training you shouldn't worry about getting through cardio afterwords. Cardio also promotes faster muscle recovery. Muscle recovery is probably the number one reason that cardio is so important to muscle training.


Proper Diet Above All Else

Of course you have heard this 1,000 times over I am sure. A proper diet is the single most important aspect to practically any problem you have. When you are dealing with something such as muscles which are made mostly of protein then you need to make sure that at least your protein intake is adequate, if it isn't then you will see no results because your body won't be able to rebuild your muscles. Even worse is if your body starts to feed off your muscles to keep itself going! Hopefully you are at least eating so something like this doesn't happen to you.