Congratulations to you for deciding that you want to learn how to cycle properly. Not only is cycling fun to do, it is a great form of exercise, which means cycling is great for your health. If you are new to cycling, tools for bicycle training that you should look into purchasing include bicycle training DVDs, heart monitors, and trainers and rollers. To purchase all of the tools that you will need for bicycle training, check out Performance Bicycle and Bike Nashbar. Remember, if you want to save money when shopping at either of those merchants, be sure to use coupon codes during the checkout process when you are placing your order.

1. Bicycle Training DVDs

There are dozens upon dozens of different bicycle training DVDs out there these days. If you really aren't into DVDs, you can also purchase bicycle training books. Before you hit the road and start cycling, you really need to make sure that you are in great shape. Most bicycle training DVDs are sold in sets of 3 to 5 DVDs. A single set of bicycle training DVDs is all you will need to get you on the right path for cycling. Bicycle training DVDs generally cover everything from cycling endurance to cycling stamina to challenging cycling intervals to basic cycling workouts.

2. Heart Monitors

It is actually very important that you wear a heart monitor while you are learning how to bicycle. It is very easy to exert too much energy and become drained when you are cycling. A heart monitor will help you figure out your target heart rate and it will alert you if your heart rate becomes too high. You can purchase a watch that has a built-in heart monitor or you can purchase a heart monitor that attaches to your handlebars. The great thing about heart monitors is that they generally come with extra features, too. For example, most heart monitors can also track how many miles you have biked, how many calories you have burned, and how long you have been cycling.

3. Trainers and Rollers

Unfortunately, the weather is not always going to cooperate when you are bicycle training. That is where trainers and rollers come into play. With a trainer, you will position your bike on the trainer and the trainer will disable your bike from actually moving forward, which allows you to ride in place. There are different trainers for different aspects of bicycle training. For example, you can purchase a resistance trainer, a fluid trainer, a real tour trainer, or a trainer that simulates pavement. Rollers are designed to help you sharpen and improve your bike handling skills. A roller sits close to the ground and you place your bike on top of it. The rollers on the device will spin while you are pedaling. It can be tough to balance on a roller, which is how they help you improve your bike handling skills.