Caravelle watches holds a special position in the watch industry and particularly in the American markets. It’s been 40 years since they are in the watch market, and one of the first affordable luxury watches that became a big hit in the American market. In the past years, they have maintained their reputation with their allure and quality.

In 1960’s, almost all of the watches that were in the market were affordable only to the upper class of the society. They spend thousands of dollars on a luxury watch. The Bulova watches designed low-cost luxury watches, keeping in mind the people who cannot afford to buy a timepiece.

Caravelle Watches are a collection of fine-looking jeweled watches; they were founded in 1962 by the brand Bulova. Within a span of 6 years, these watches were at the top-notch in the category of jeweled watches. They are one of the best-jeweled watches in today’s market, with more than 290 collections of watches. Some of the Caravelle Watches that are very popular in the market are as follows:

Caravelle 45C13

The strap of this timepiece is madCaravelle 43T13(94631)e of stainless steel; 45C13 is designed for men. The watch is water resistant up to 300 meters. The hands of the model of Caravelle Watches are radiant, which makes the time visible even during the night hours. The deep back Arabic style numeral carved on the dial looks stunning. The face of this model is round and calendars are at the external rim of 45C13. Super accurate Japanese Quartz movement drives this watch that adds more value to the watch. These timepieces can be worn either for formal or casual occasion. The watch is clean and crisp visually.

Caravelle 43D006

This cCaravelle 43D006(94630)ollection of Caravelle Watches features a circular face with a mineral dial. The 43D006 has an analog display, which means it shows time by means of hands. It has a fold over clasp along with safety of double push button. The stainless steel case of this timepiece has a 40 mm diameter and 9.2 mm thickness. The colors combinations are quite attractive with silver band and jet back dial. The Caravelle 43D006 has water resistant up to 300 meters.

Bulova Caravelle 43T13

It’s a chick, smart and the beautiful women’s watch, the wearer of this timepiece will alwCaravelle 43T13(94633)ays be a centre of attention. Quartz movement powers this beautiful model of Caravelle Watches. The 43T13 has a bracelet band made of stainless steel, with a 25mm case diameter.