Working from home is a dream come true. The three best work-from-home jobs are child care, translator, and call center representative. I would expect $10-$20 per hour for child care, $200 per day as a translator, and $10 per hour as a call center representative. All three jobs allow the worker to be relaxed in their own home, not worry about a dress code, and keep their children at home during the summer instead of in daycare. I would prefer daytime hours (8am-5pm) for all jobs listed. - Miami

Working from home is my dream job. I wouldn't mind doing call center work where I take inbound calls about products, taking orders over the phone or providing technical support for computer software or video games. I would love to work a full time, 40 hour week job from home. A comfortable starting rate would be at least $9.00 per hour. That would be great. I would stay for the long run. - Chicago

Working from home is certainly a dream job for anyone, the convenience and comfort is unparalleled. I feel my top dream job from home would be a video game tester. What could be better than playing cutting-edge video games and getting paid? My second dream job from home would be a high-profile article writer. Imagine the easy lifestyle of writing for a big name website, and getting paid! All completely through the Internet. My third dream job from home would have to be owning and running a popular website; a webmaster. Being a webmaster for a popular website would mean minimal work and getting paid for your awesome idea, you could just outsource all the daily work to a small employee force and just make the big decisions. - Florida

Working from home is an appealing idea. I would like to get a high paying job as a educational grant writer. I could get the information necessary from the school or institution then do my own research from home and write the grant to get the product or service that they need. I would also love to be able to work from home as a journalist/columnist. It would be awesome to read and research whatever interested me and get paid by online and print outlets to publish my writing. My ultimate dream work at home job is writing history books. Spend a year intensely researching an interesting event in history then write an accessible, general audience book about it. Then start over again! -Georgetown, TX

Working from home is my primary employment goal at this time. I would love to be able to work in the comfort and convenience of my home. I would ideally make at least $15 an hour. However, I would accept $10 an hour minimum. Working from home is much easier because you do not have to travel or dress, so I could earn less. The dream jobs I am most interested in are: email based customer service, phone based customer service, and making collection calls. I have already done email and phone based customer service for 10 years so I have the experience. Now, I need to find the job. - Catonsville, MD

Working from home is one of the best options I have ever found. When I think about what would be my dream positions the first one that comes to my mind is travel agent. I would love a position as a travel agent where I could help people plan their vacations. I think it would be really fulfilling and I would get to learn about other places around the world. My second dream position would be to write for a popular magazine. With writing you can really work from anywhere even if you are on vacation. Last but not least I would love a work from home position in quality assurance. Judging the quality of customer service calls and helping other representatives improve their skills. - Fort Bragg

Working from home is a strange, volatile game. On one hand you have the freedom of being able to work when and where you want to, however poor planning and management can result in the quick downfall of your business. If I were to work from home, here are the top three jobs I would enjoy doing. Graphic/Web Design As someone who spends gratuitous amounts of time on the internet already and is fairly skilled with applications such as Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop, this was clearly a no-brainier. The hours don't seem to be too taxing, depending on the project and the pay is enough to get by, $40k seems to be the average rate for web designers. Online Poker I know what you're thinking. "Seriously?". Yes, seriously, many people already make a living by playing poker online, with strategies used to minimize loss and maximise profits. Some of the more experienced poker players can make $50k-$75k a year by playing 12 poker tables at once! Forex Trading With the advent of high speed internet connections, in recent years it has become easier for more and more people to trade foreign currencies over the internet. It can be risky to start up, however many brokers offer "play money" accounts to practice on. Experienced traders can make a six figure salary from home! - Bonnybridge, GBR