While there are many different examples of outdoor plaques almost anywhere you look, the three types of outdoor plaques that can commonly be used by anyone include: personalized address plaques, garden plaques, and stone memorial plaques. Many retailers offer the choice of ready-made plaque templates or allow you to design your own from stone, aluminum, bronze, or other materials. The end result can be quite elegant or striking depending on the design and materials used.

Personalized address plaques can be the final touch in dressing up the front entrance to your home and there are a couple of options to choose from. The first option is to choose whether you want a wall mounted plaque or a yard plaque. Either choice can be designed to clearly street address and name. Friends and visitors will appreciate being able to identify your residence with clear numbers and letters standing out at them. These plaques are quality crafted and rust protected so they should maintain their look polished look year after year.

Just as you spruce up the entrance to your home with personalized address plaques you can spruce up the back yard with outdoor garden plaques. These plaques are offered in a variety of motifs, from angels and gargoyles, birds and rabbits, to the celestial night sky. You can choose plaque colors to complement or contrast with the color of the flowers when they bloom. Gardening is a passion and you can use these plaques to further reflect that in your garden.

A third option for an outdoor plaque is a stone memorial plaque. It is a time honored tradition to remember loved ones when they pass. Whether it placed next to a planted tree or a quiet nook in the garden or greenhouse a stone memorial plaque can be used to cherish their memory. Similar memorial stones are also available for pets, who are no less a part of the family. These stones also feature recesses in which to store pictures, memorabilia, or keepsakes.

Plaques of inscribed metal or stone are designed to commemorate and identify those things in life that are important. These three types of outdoor plaques can be used to commemorate life, love, the beauty of nature and most of all family.