While not a sexy piece of travel gear, a travel alarm clock is often a necessity. Whether you use it to wake you up for your flight or train trip or you use it to keep you in sync with the local time zone you are in, at some point it will be a lifesaver. Here are 3 different types of travel alarm clocks currently available. Like any alarm clock they usually will have snooze features and varying degrees of alarm features and sophistication, depending on which type you choose.

Analog Clock
The analog travel clock is the old standby. It has the traditional hour, minute and second hands. Look for a folding clock that is compact and protected by it's cover from getting damaged while packed in your luggage or bags. Most affordable analog clocks are quartz timed so they will have no problem staying in time. Commonly they will run on AAA or AA batteries which will usually last for months on end so you will not have to worry about the batteries during your vacation.

Illuminated LCD
With nighttime soft illumination the LCD (liquid crystal display) digital travel clock is another popular choice. Most LCD's have a button on/off switch for the backlight but some have an "always on" light system. Be wary about your battery usage with these as the light will effect a steady, small drain on your AAA or AA batteries. Again, look for the hinged cover which protects the clock when not in use. Often this will double as the clock's stand.

Atomic LCD
The atomic clock receives a radio signal which automatically adjusts the time. Some will auto adjust depending on the time zone you are traveling in. The auto timezone adjust feature may be in North America only or may function globally depending on the model and type of unit. Most of these clocks will be LCD with various types of backlight for nighttime viewing.

Some of the above types of clocks have other features as well. These range from built in flashlights, time zone maps and even currency exchangers, thermometers and calculators. Whether you want a multi function device or just a simple alarm clock, you will surely find something for a very affordable price, anywhere from $10 to $25. To find a clock, go down to your local department, travel store or browse online at the many sites, such as Amazon, that sell these types of helpful products.