Western Wedding Ring is not an actual category. It is made of the same materials as ordinary engagement rings. However, cowboys are becoming fonder of putting their own little touch on the design. Below are some ways to make your wedding rings more western.

Curved Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are usually simple, no markings, no writings. Recently, curved wedding bands are gaining popularity because it adds some style on an otherwise boring material. Some couples opt to put wedding ring enhancers by putting some knots and intricate vine-like design on the curved wedding bands. You can look at contemporary wedding ring designers for inspiration or create your own design. Naturally, it will cost you more but having a unique ring is worth the trouble.

Recycled Rings With Carvings and Writings

This practice of getting old jewelries, melting it, and making a wedding band out of it is pure American. The idea came from some women who were gifted with many jewels by their boyfriends during the time when they were just going out. They wanted to take the "memories" that came with the ring and make it a symbol of their new life together.

You can carve it and engrave your own vows, a favourite line from a movie, or even your own handwriting. You can personalized and add touch of love with your western wedding ring through carving different motifs engrave on the ring itself.

You can choose to engrave a horse which signifies eternal smoothness of your marriage life. Like the horse, you will also achieve all your dreams in just a short span of time.

You can also choose to put cowboy hoods, which are without a doubt very western yet very chic. Western culture is very much liberated yet they strive hard to remain the culture of love and prosperity.

Stones on the Band

Some are opting to veer away from a simple band by putting various precious gemstones and metals on the band itself. You can also add diamonds, silver or white gold in order to make your wedding ring even more special. Seal your wedding vows with elegant Western wedding rings and surely, many girls will be envious about it.

Rustic Gold Bands

You can go for a rustic look. You will still be using contemporary materials but you the finish looks like it has been through thousands of years of battles and war. 

More and more western couples find that wearing something that looks old makes it more special.

Emerald Wedding Bands

You can also consider buying elegant antique emerald rings.It gives you a western theme of monarch and idea of princess and prince.

Emerald also has an elegant history. During the monarchy days, emeralds are worn only by Queens and Royal Princess as a sign of elegance and power. They usually add it as a beautifying factor in their crowns and gowns. Emerald does not only manifest sophistication but it also reflects a woman’s dignity, beauty, intelligence and intuition.

In addition, Emerald gemstone enhances your rational concept and mind, faith, affluence and also renowned to eradicate negative vibes around you. Emerald gemstone also talks a lot regarding your character and personality.

Western wedding rings are unconventional and certainly not for everyone but if you are the unconventional type, this is the style for you.


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Wedding Rings With Carvings

Wedding Ring With Carvings(111348)Credit: weddingring.onsugar.comCredit: weddingring.onsugar.com

Curved Wedding Bands

Curved Wedding BandsCredit: http://www.etsy.com/listing/84081372/the-nest-a-curved-wedding-band-nestledCredit: http://www.etsy.com/listing/84081372/the-nest-a-curved-wedding-band-nestled

Rustic Gold Bands

Rustic Gold Bands

Recycled Wedding Bands With Carvings

Recycled Wedding Bands With CarvingsCredit: http://www.onewed.com/photos/show/customized-recycled-gold-wedding-bands-with-wedding-date-engraved-in-bandsCredit: http://www.onewed.com/photos/show/customized-recycled-gold-wedding-bands-with-wedding-date-engraved-in-bands