One common mistake in a best man speech is that the speaker tends to rush his message without sounding sincere. He’s been so overwhelmed with tenseness and uneasiness, that what should have been a heartfelt message now becomes a superficial, shallow and insincere one.

Phoniness may not be intentional, blame it to stage fright or poor best man speech construction, but all these off-putting factors shouldn’t get in the way for you deliver an exceptional one. Today, it’s good to know that making a best man speech no longer articulates major complicatedness.

Getting some outside help for your wedding toast makes it possible for people to come up with a good speech from collections of different best man wedding speeches catering to different levels of relationship the best man have with the bride and groom.

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The following are additional ideas to help you make up an exceptional and noteworthy best man speech prior to putting ink to paper and standing before a big crowd:

1. Know the groom inside out - You wouldn’t be best man if you’re not very close to the groom. So as the best man of the wedding, your speech should mirror the groom’s personality in its entirety. What’s the best thing about the groom? What’s his character like? Is he bubbly, serious, or sappy?

This should be the main gist of your message. Your speech could also include funny moments you shared with the groom, but it shouldn’t bubble with hilarity or bristle with unpleasant jokes to the point of embarrassing and taking the groom forcefully on the hot seat.

2. Develop good opening remarks – This will set the tone of your speech. As best man, it would be more apt to start your message with a simple uncomplicated remark.

Then, as the speech progresses, bring in some humor as you wouldn’t want the newlyweds and everybody in attendance be bored to death. Finally, end it with a warm congratulatory message. Remember this golden rule: Always give a good start and everything else will follow.

3. Be cautious of the length of your speech – Some people tend to get carried away of their emotions that they lost track of words and time. This state of affairs makes the message dull and boring on the process.

Remember, you only owe the spotlight for a couple of minutes and taking it for an hour or so would be an utter annoyance. Keep it brief, simple, and well-organized and your best man speech will surely be a hit.