If you've decided you want to implement team building within your workplace, you’re already taking a big step in the right direction to improving the productivity of your company. Working together as a team has a whole multitude of benefits, including improved commitment to the company, improved communication skills, improved problem solving methods, improved efficiency … and that's without mentioning the effect team building has on the overall well-being of each employee! To help you think of an activity your company can participate in together, have a look at a few suggestions below:

Outdoor Group Activities

Outdoor team building actives are obviously great fun in the summer months, and getting fresh air and sunshine is proven to enhance employee productivity and happiness. Exercises that take place outdoors also offer more scope in terms of possibility and excitement; you can organise a mass sports game which everyone can take part in, arrange a fun charity race, or just enjoy playing some communication games outside. You can work on enhancing the way your employees work together as a team as well as focusing on leadership and problem solving. Racing against the clock or competing against another team will provide plenty of excitement and competition whilst significantly lifting the morale of each employee.

Indoor Group Activities

One of the best things about indoor team building (apart from not having to worry about the threat of British weather!) is the variety of exercises that it offers you. With so many different and equally fun activities for employees to get stuck into, you can choose one that would go down best with your organisation: if you have employees who are artistic and dynamic, why not organise a fun activity where they can get their hands dirty while improving their creative skills? If you have more analytical office, let them complete a set of challenges involving wooden blocks, which greatly enhance communication skills, co-operation and collaboration in addition to group negotiation and individual compromise.

Culinary Group Activities

Culinary team building activities may seem like a slightly odd choice after 'Indoor' and 'Outdoor' activities, but they have many benefits; after all, food is something that most of us are passionate about and all of us need, whether we like it or not! Not only will your employees be immediately engaged in an activity involving something as integral to everyday life as food, but they will have a fantastic time as they get to grips with cooking alongside their colleagues! Whether you want to organise an activity where employees are working together to prepare food against the clock, or are placing their trust in each other by following instructions as they cook blindfolded, these fun culinary activities greatly help improve trust, communication, tolerance and successful collaboration.