HIV and AIDS is on the increase among street prostitutes in Las Vegas. There is legalized prostitution in some Nevada Counties, however Clark County does not have legalized prostitution. Clark County is home to Las Vegas. The HIV /AIDS rate among legal brothel workers is great with no know workers with HIV. The legalized girls are continually tested and forced to wear condoms. On the other hand is the illegal street prostitutes who have an astoundingly high HIV rate that is continuing to grow each year.

New HIV Cases
Between 2000 and 2004 there were over 2,000 new AIDS cases reported in the State of Nevada each year. A lot of these new cases of AIDS were reported in Clark County, home of Las Vegas. These numbers do not include those who have been diagnosed with HIV, but has not yet turn into full blown AIDS.

Total Reported AIDS Cases
In 2004 there were a total of 4,155 reported AIDS cases in Clark County alone. There are a large number of people, including street prostitutes, who have not been tested. The total number of AIDS cases in 2004 is estimated to be much higher, and continually increasing each year.

Intravenous Drug Use Among Prostitutes
Intravenous drug use among Las Vegas prostitutes as seen a marked increase. Contaminated and or sharing of dirty needles is one of the main ways that HIV and AIDS is spread. The rapid spread of AIDS to street girls in Las Vegas is mainly attributed to the use of sharing needles for drugs.

The amount of prostitutes being arrested and found to be using needles to inject drugs is staggering high. In addition the total number of AIDS cases reported and new HIV cases reported in Clark County are tremendous. These 3 factors alone is causing the HIV/AIDS rate among street workers to skyrocket. Some of the street girls know that they have HIV yet continue to have sex with their clients.